December 16, 2011

Fuel/Friends Chapel Session #10 :: The Lumineers

About a year ago, I had the pleasure one quiet snowy December Sunday night to go to a house of a new friend to watch a new local band called The Lumineers play a raucous, joyful house show set. A few weeks earlier, they’d played at my house show with The Head and The Heart, and after a final multi-band Bon Iver cover singalong, we all walked away singing a hearty “hey! ho!” to ourselves, shaking our heads at how damn good live this band was.

Fast forward almost exactly one year, when Paste Magazine just named The Lumineers one of the 20 Best New Bands of 2011, an assessment I can absolutely get behind. Wesley Schultz has a terrifically expressive voice with range and beauty that swoops all over the songs. Jeremiah Fraites on the drums a) always wears suspenders every time I see him, which is impressive, and b) adds a raw percussive backbone of urgency to every song, while cellist/mandolin/piano player Neyla Pekarek reminds me of a super-talented elfin rockstar, radiating joy.

This set was recorded that same humid July evening that The Lumineers played the Fuel/Friends House Show with These United States. Many of these songs have been part of the trio’s live repertoire for several years, but none of them were on their self-titled EP. So these are four songs that could be considered “new,” and might make an appearance on The Lumineers’ debut full-length album, expected in March 2012 (get on their mailing list to order it early)

They call their music “front porch folk,” and they can come play on my front porch (and/or back porch; we have options) anytime. Watch for The Lumineers on tour in the springtime –they play Boulder on December 30– and go see them if they come from Colorado to wherever you are.

And man, try to listen to these without tapping SOME part of your body. Toe, finger on the desk, the head nod — I’ll even predict some stomps/dances.

JULY 31, 2011

Big Parade
The Dead Sea (umm…3:06. that’s all)
Morning Song
Ho Hey (“I don’t know where I belong, I don’t know where I went wrong / oh but I can write a song…”)


[photo of Neyla + piano by Sarah Law, others mine]

July 22, 2011

Are you coming to the Underground Music Showcase this weekend?

Dear readers, I am home from my epic roadtrip adventure, well-sunned, well-loved, well-fed, and deeply grateful. In addition to lots of outdoor time with those who matter most to me, my path also crossed with wonderful several musicians, adding spatters of color to the late nights. As an adventure it ranks right up there with the best thing I’ve ever done.

Because I can’t stop/won’t stop, this weekend I am gearing up for the finest days in music that Denver has to offer all the livelong year at the Underground Music Showcase (UMS). The stretch of South Broadway that houses the Hi-Dive, Sputnik, Irish Rover, Skylark (etc) becomes an extended runway of jubilant, genre-crossing, warmly illuminated venues as art galleries, print shops, big ole churches, parking lots, and coffee shops all convert for the weekend into performance spaces.

Thousands of Denver music fans and bands both local and national are coming together to rock your face and perk up your ears. Wristbands for the entire weekend are only $40. Single day passes are also available in limited quantities each day on-site for $20.

Last night kicked off with some terrific artists (Nathan & Stephen, El Ten Eleven, Ha Ha Tonka) but you still have an insane amount of goodness to choose from as we hit our stride starting tonight. Here are some of my don’t-miss picks. Including that one song I am supposed to sing duet on, for my DENVER LIVE MUSIC DEBUT. Yes, really. Come cheer me on.


The Pirate Signal
Saturday at 7:30pm @ Goodwill parking lot stage

Yonnas is one of the most literate, spirited hip-hop artists I have ever known, and his live performances are legendary. As their Facebook says, The Pirate Signal sounds like: “That point when you’re having sex and your face goes numb and heart feels like it is going to burst out of your chest.” So, um, GO.

Their is also my theme song for the upcoming weekend:
I Can’t Wait – The Pirate Signal

Gardens and Villa
Friday 10pm @ Hi-Dive

Very recently, all my social media feeds have lit up with friends raving about this Santa Barbara band (signed to Secretly Canadian), saying that their live shows are dance-party frenzies unlike anything going. They also apparently carry a bag of flutes on their back. Even though it’s going to be a billion sweaty degrees in the Hi-Dive tonight by 10pm, that sounds like something I need.

Saturday at midnight @ 3 Kings Tavern

The soon-to-be-called-something-else band featuring Denver music friends like Andy Hamilton, Mike Marchant, Johnny Lundock, and Matthew Till has been one of my favorite musical representatives of our fair city for a while now. They just finished their darkly atmospheric Winter EP, rounding out a sonic year of seasonal bliss. They also put on a terrific show, so it’s a no-brainer.

Friday at midnight @ Hi-Dive

You know that super duper catchy song “When They Fight” that I put on my summer mix that sounds like a retro girl group (“I love you, bayyyyybayyyyyy”) but is actually two guys from Louisiana? Yeah well, they’re here tonight. Let’s go see them.

Old Canes
Saturday at 7pm @ 3 Kings

I’ve peppered several mixes with the percussive-heavy rattle and pop of Saddle Creek band Old Canes, the new project of Appleseed Cast frontman Chris Crisci. Their album that I still play constantly is called Feral Harmonic, and I find them to be both, marvelously.

Candy Claws
10pm Sunday at Delite

Named a “rising” band by Pitchfork, this Denver duo makes melodic and shimmery music inspired by lines from a Richard Ketchum book they found in a used bookshop and fed through Rad.


Iuengliss, 11pm Friday @ Delite (I love shaking my shit to Tommy Metz)

Fort Frances, 5pm Saturday at The Hornet (produced by Josh Ritter’s piano player Sam Kassirer, and a band that friends keep telling me to check out)

Denison Witmer, 10pm Friday at Moe’s BBQ (I love him so; watch for the Fuel/Friends Chapel Session we’re taping Sunday)

Gregory Alan Isakov, 8:15 Sunday at the Goodwill parking lot (because he is amazing)

The Centennial, 11pm Friday at 3 Kings (new band from the Meese brothers)

Saturday afternoon music panels The Sesh(I’m facilitating the Conversation with Duncan McKie who runs all the cool Canadian music funding programs)

A. Tom Collins (former frontman of Machine Gun Blues at 1am at the art deco Mayan? IN.)

Port Au Prince, 5pm Saturday at 3 Kings (new sounds from old friends in Astrophagus et al)

All the comedy at Sobo151 (Denver has some FUNNY COMICS)

Glass Hits, Friday 9pm @ 3 Kings (because they’re extremely loud and incredibly close) and their tightly-wound Fugazi tribute they’re reprising on Sunday at 10pm at 3 Kings.

Fairchildren, 5pm Saturday @ the South Broadway Christian Church / 7:30pm Sunday @ the Goodwill parking lot (Nathaniel Rateliff is not at the fest this year as far as I can tell, but the musicians that play with him will be, and their songs are based on fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm)

Panal SA de CV, 6pm Sunday @ Hi-Dive (Denver’s own anthemic instrumental rock band, reminiscent of Explosions in the Sky and other good things)

The H is O, 3pm Sunday @ the TS Board Shop (I’m gonna sing. I think.)

LET’S DO THIS, people.

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December 8, 2010

Do you like Denver music? (we like all kinds of music)


An opportunity to celebrate all that is right with music in Denver, and look forward to where we can be headed, the Denver Music Summit is happening this Friday! I am extremely excited to be a part of this multifaceted event that will both serve as a crash course for Denver-area musicians on how to get their music heard on a wider scale, as well as for policymakers and music folks from around the country to come together to discuss how we can help from the top-level policy perspective.

A joint vision of both the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs and WESTAF, the Western States Arts Federation (who commissioned that in-depth study on the Denver music scene last year), the Denver Music Summit is the culmination of a lot of planning and dreaming. Musicians have scheduled one-on-one consultations with experts in a variety of fields, including promotion and booking, blogging/press, audio engineering, song licensing, and artist management. In the afternoon, my amiable southern friend Storm Gloor (who teaches music business at UC Denver) will be presenting a series of seminars to the large audience with the help of guest speakers like me, to talk about topics like The Future of The Music Business, and Marketing Effectively in the Digital Age.

On Friday morning I’ll also be helping to facilitate a policy symposium with high-level folks from arts organizations, universities, fellow music-centric cities (like Austin), record labels, and more. We’ll be discussing things like cultural policy, the creative economy, music education – things that I could talk about all day. I am pretty excited to hear what all we can come up with, and actual ways that it can affect music in this great city.

Plus, the mayor/governor-elect is gonna be there for lunch (I call him Hickenloop) so I am wearing my Sunday pants.

shows_ive_seenWIN TICKETS!
The Summit proceedings are pretty much full-up this time around, but you can still win tickets to come to the kickoff concert celebration tomorrow night!

Come join your fellow music lovers at the Bluebird to hear a varied gathering of local musicians: some of Denver’s best artists in classical, jazz, hip-hop and rock. Performers include the Lamont School of Music’s Playground Ensemble, internationally-renowned jazz artist Ron Miles, local hip-hop luminaries Mane Rok, DeeJay Tense and Prime Element, and local indie popsters Fingers of the Sun. It should be interesting and fun! Come drink and dance with us.

Thursday, December 9
Doors – 8 p.m. / Showtime – 8:30 p.m.

Bluebird Theater, 3317 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80206
$10, or email me by noon to win a pair of tickets!

December 5, 2010

i don’t know where i belong

Ho Hey (live house show version) – Lumineers

Last weekend a quiet snow was blanketing Denver (turning the streets icy slick) but I slowly made my way across town to a Sunday night house show with local shining stars The Lumineers. These four musicians opened for The Head and The Heart when they were in Colorado last month (both the sold-out show in Denver as well as the Fuel/Friends house show) and thoroughly wowed me.

I got their raw, acoustic EP and have been listening to it every day on my walk to work — think of Adam Haworth Stephens’ music (Two Gallants), and the first Avett Brothers records. The hint of a warble in Wes’ voice on songs like “Submarines” (below) also reminds me some of Ryan Gosling with his ace Dead Man’s Bones tunes.

The video up there captures one of my favorite new songs from the house show, and I am thrilled Isaac Ravishankara recorded it, as he apparently was standing right behind my perch on the wooden floor. After this song and all the clapping and stomping, we headed into the dark dining room and sang along to “Darlene” in the pitch blackness. Man, I am really getting spoiled with (and addicted to) all these house shows.

LumineersSubmarines – The Lumineers
[from the Lumineers EP]

The Lumineers headed out earlier this week for shows criss-crossing the West. If you live in one of these gorgeous cities, please head out to see them and tell ‘em I sent you. They put on an absolutely terrific, genuinely joyous stompalong show, and plus they teach you valuable lessons through their music about how (for example) classy girls don’t kiss in bars.

They make me smile, and their music deserves to be heard widely. Go!

MON 12/6 – Hotel Cafe – Los Angeles, CA
TUES 12/7 – Amnesia – San Francisco, CA
THUR 12/9 – The Baltic – Richmond, CA
SAT 12/11 – Shook Twins House Show, Portland, OR
SUN 12/12 – Farmhouse, Portland, OR
MON 12/13 – Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR
TUES 12/14 – Filling Station, Bozeman, MT
(with Langhorne Slim)
WED 12/15 – Top Hat, Missoula, MT
FRI 12/17 – Jackson’s Hole Bar & Grill, Jackson, WY
SAT 12/18 – ‘Matt Donovan=Legend of Jackson’ Party, Jackson, WY

The Lumineers also have a residency at the formidable Living Room in NYC for all Tuesday nights during the month of March.

April 15, 2010

Hang the DJ, part II

DOCA_CD_seal_color_LGIf you’re feeling fashionable and adventurous on Saturday night, I’ll be DJing the closing Mix and Assemble party for the fabulous Create Denver Week festivities.

Starting at 7pm at the Hi-Dive on South Broadway, I’ll be spinning some tunes with Julio from Cause=Time, Eryc Eyl from Reverb, and the formidable Robert B. Rutherford of the Donnybrook Writing Academy (have you checked out his new super column Backlog?).

Julio and I (or as I like to say, Me & Julio…) will be selecting your ear candy during the earlier set from 7pm-9pm,  and there will be mingling, dancing, and silent-auctioning, with these gorgeous concert posters from Ink Lounge Creative (for shows like The Hold Steady, Modest Mouse, The White Stripes, Nada Surf, and Death Cab).

After we finish up, the other two DJs will take over (peacefully) and there will be a fashion show from local designers from 9:30-10:30, then live music from Bad Luck City and Cloud City! It’s FREE until 10pm (or three bucks after), so you have no excuses. Come enjoy!

RSVP on Facebook

create denver

Panic (The Smiths) – Spoon
(“Hang the DJ, hang the DJ…” but don’t really, because she’s trying her best)

April 1, 2010

Our own little SXSW of the Rockies

ums storefront

The Denver Post ran a story last month detailing the work of a very cool ongoing study about the city’s high “Creative Vitality Index,” which measures economic factors related to the music community. Through a series of qualitative interviews (I got to wax lyrical a few months ago over mimosas; it’s how we do research here) and analysis of quantitative data, they discovered that music matters in Denver — “even more than it does in self-declared music cities like Seattle, Austin, Chicago and Portland.” According to the study, the amount spent per person on music-related items in Denver is twice the national average, and so are the number of folks who are employed full-time in music-related jobs. This doesn’t surprise me at all, although to an outsider, Denver might be the last place you’d look.

One of the best ways to see this blooming, inclusive, high-quality, diverse scene –and one factor cited in our high Creative Vitality Index– is our Underground Music Showcase. This late-July showcase festival saw a doubling in attendance from 2008 to last year’s marvelous fest. The bands that play are 90% buzzworthy local acts (although last year I helped to bring some 10% rad national acts to our streets, and I believe this year will be no different). All 300 bands, singer-songwriters and comedians play in a walkable radius at venues ranging from the usual rock clubs to the non-traditional art galleries, and knitting stores, the church, parking lots, and Persian rug shops. All of the hip South Broadway neighborhood pours out into the warm summer streets with music coming from every open door and strip of lawn. This July also marks the tenth anniversary of this festival I warmly like to call “the SXSW of Denver,” and it really does feel like it to me. It’s massive; absolutely one of my favorite weekends of the whole year.

Today our alt-weekly The Westword named many of the noteworthy bands in Denver right now, and it made me even more excited for this mega-display of our city’s grandeur.

This year the event is July 22nd-25th, and wristbands and badges are on sale now for ridiculously cheap — $25 for a wristband and $60 for a badge! Come visit. Seriously.

The UMS looks and feels like this:
(I’ve happily got a cameo, waiting in line at the Irish Rover on a warm rainy night in my favorite purple dress)

…and might sound something like this:

I Can’t Wait – The Pirate Signal
Picnic – The Knew
Love Is A Shark – John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light
Red Feather – Houses
Mark Twain – I Am The Dot (Zach from Young Coyotes)
My Hanging Surrender – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Wheel
I Can See It In Your Face – Pretty Lights
Kingdom – Ian Cooke
Raygun – Revenge of Astrophagus
That Moon Song – Gregory Alan Isakov & Brandi Carlile
Bird (demo) – Scott Brabson
Kafka – Snake Rattle Rattle Snake


And the national acts we’ve rocked in the past have included:

Northern Lights – The Bowerbirds
Restless – Langhorne Slim
Paranoid Android (Radiohead cover) – El Ten Eleven

[top photo from the Denver Post]

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August 7, 2009

New Houses: “Circles and Squares”


One of my favorite bands right now, in Denver or otherwise, is the ebullient collective known as Houses. The focus of my first Queen City Spotlight a few months back, these folks continue to illuminate the local scene with their expansive, golden songs that explode off the stage every time I’ve seen them.

Houses is releasing their second seasonal EP for summer TONIGHT at the Meadowlark‘s outdoor stage ($8, 8pm, with The Wheel‘s Joseph Pope III, and Snake Rattle Rattle Snake).

Here’s a track from the new EP, one that’s become a high point of their live show – imagine at the five minute mark where the “ba-ba-ba-duh-daaaaa“ing starts, but everyone in the crowd yelling along as loud as they possibly can.

It’s everything that makes Houses the perfect soundtrack to my summer.

Circles & Squares – Houses


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June 10, 2009

Come wander the Golden Triangle this weekend (giveaway!)


The Golden Triangle sounds like a mystic land of enigma from which no one returns, but it’s actually the area of Denver that the 15th annual Westword Music Showcase will overrun  Saturday with 85+ ace bands, both local and national.

On Saturday, come peruse ten stages of goodness with me; we’ll see local bands worth vigorously loving like Everything Absent or Distorted, Young Coyotes, Meese and Houses, as well as influential Denver punk pioneers The Fluid (their 2008 reunion show looked like this), and super duper national acts coming to town for the occasion: sonic annihilation via Brooklyn’s A Place To Bury Strangers, Cursive from Omaha’s Saddle Creek label, and Boise’s epic Built To Spill. All that for twenty bucks, or less than $10 if you pre-purchase.

Even less expensive (as in F-R-E-E) are the five pairs of passes that Fuel/Friends has to give away to YOU and your selected companion. If you wanna come join us all day Saturday, please send me an email with “WESTWORD GIVEAWAY” as the subject line. We can maybe even have a beer or milkshake at the fest.

I feel fortunate to have a vibrant, active, effusively talented music scene to soundtrack life in Colorado, and the Westword (our local alt-weekly) is one of the two great festivals we have to look forward to this summer, with this tightly-curated day on Saturday.

Several Bocumast bands (Denver’s best record label, according to those who decide these things) add a rich streak of eclecticism through the lineup. I spent this afternoon listening to their spotlight feature on Radio 1190′s Local Shakedown show from last Friday (June 5), with new tunes from bands like Astrophagus, Hunter Dragon, BDRMPPL, Iuengliss, Tim Pourbaix, and Natural Selection. All are playing this weekend; download their tasty free sampler here to prepare.

Raygun – The Revenge of Astrophagus
Taste Her Spells – Natural Selection
cyberpunkmorphbanger – BDRMPPL
Wake-Up Time – Iuengliss

We’ll See The Sun – Houses
(saw these guys last week and WOW. Also; this is one of my new favorite songs)
Momentary Drowning – Young Coyotes
Aquariums – Everything Absent or Distorted
(they hold my heart so tightly)
Preacher Man Blues – The Fluid
Tidal Wave – Joshua Novak
Car – Built To Spill
We At The Disco – Chain Gang of 1974
(ridiculously fun live)
I Keep You In A Flask – Ellison Park
By Yourself – The Knew
From The Hips – Cursive

There’s also a band I don’t know called “Lyin’ Bitch and The Restraining Orders.” And that’s just brilliant.

RELATED: The lineup for the Denver Post Underground Music Showcase (July 23-26) is also starting to be unveiled. Bookending the late summer to the Westword’s June soiree, the UMS is the largest indie music festival in Colorado, and last year we absolutely killed it. This year I helped with the lineup and am even more excited, if that’s possible. Check it out, and support both avenues for discovering (really good) local music!

[for a bunch more free songs, go to the Westword’s Backbeat blog, and listen to the Donnybrook music Snobcast on the subject.]

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March 25, 2009

Hillbilly Prom this Friday with These United States!


I saw These United States twice in Austin and their live set absolutely crackled with rough and rowdy energy. They are the perfect headliners for our First Annual Denver Hillbilly Prom this Friday night at the Hi-Dive. I am wearing a peach and white striped Gunne Sax/Jessica McClintock dress from the early ’80s and –of course– my cowboy boots.

Get Yourself Home (In Search of The Mistress Whose Kisses Are Famous) – These United States

Y’all come out, and for those of you who can’t, check out this fabulous (deafening) performance from the Hype Machine/Music Slut SXSW Party last week:

Catch These United States on the road if you can, because their sets were packed full at SXSW:

Mar 25 @ The Sub (College of Santa Fe) Santa Fe, NM
Mar 26 @ Sundown Saloon Boulder, CO
Mar 27 @ Hi-Dive, w/ Lurleens Denver, CO
Mar 28 @ Pioneer Inn Nederland, CO
Mar 29 @ The Dusty Bookshelf Manhattan, KS
Mar 30 @ Slowdown Omaha, NE
Mar 31 @ The Nomad Minneapolis, MN
Apr 2 @ KRUI Live In-Studio Iowa City, IA
Apr 2 @ The Mill Iowa City, IA
Apr 3 @ The Hideout Chicago, IL
Apr 4 @ Founders Grand Rapids, MI
Apr 5 @ P.J.’s Lager House Detroit, MI
Apr 5 @ House Ann Arbor, MI
Apr 6 @ Village Idiot Maumee, OH
Apr 7 @ Scene Metrospace East Lansing, MI
Apr 8 @ Canal Street Tavern Dayton, OH
Apr 9 @ My Old Kentucky Blog live session Indianapolis, IN
Apr 9 @ Locals Only Indianapolis, IN
Apr 10 @ The Comet Cincinnati, OH
Apr 11 @ Transylvania University Lexington, KY
Apr 11 @ Al’s Bar Lexington, KY
Oct 20-24 @ CMJ Music Marathon New York, NY

[our fine poster designed by the fearsome Todd Roeth, in the back of our car somewhere between Texas and New Mexico last night. True story.]

March 9, 2009

Mile-Hi Monday Music Roundup (SXSW Party announcement!)


Something different for the Monday Music Roundup this week: Seven songs from the seven Colorado bands that we are presenting at SXSW for our first Mile-Hi Fidelity day party!

A bunch of my favorite Colorado people are getting together to throw y’all a nice little fiesta with some of the finest tunes being made in our state. We will also ply you with free drinks, and the famed Gigbot Photobooth will be there (free high-quality hipster Glamour Shots of you and all your friends!). We plan to rock it. Please do come by and say hello on Friday, and take a listen here today.

King Arthur – The Epilogues
Starting with a very enthusiastic countdown, this Epilogues track hints at the sound of the brother-fronted Denver band: dark but danceable, brooding but melodic.

Twice My Weight – Meese
Just saw the new Meese album performed live last week (my Denver Post photo essay here), and it sounds catchy as hell, all glitchy hooks and fraternal harmonies. As Julio says, “call me crazy, but I could see a number of songs off of their forthcoming album on one of those Gossip Girl (in a good way) type shows at the part when the main couple in the show are about to break things off, but they decide to give it another go by having an intense makeout sesh.”

Red Orange Yellow – The Photo Atlas

The Denver dance-punk phenoms The Photo Atlas released their debut album on the hip and happenin’ Stolen Transmission label, founded by the fascinating Sarah “Ultragrrl” Lewitinn. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them live; I look forward to pogoing around a bit on a Friday afternoon.

When I Was In The Fire – Young Coyotes
I don’t even know what I need to say about Young Coyotes that hasn’t already been proclaimed from the rooftops. Despite a personnel change and a new coyote in the fold, they still have the shout-out-loud exuberance, shimmery songs, and heart-thumping percussion that made me want to run away with them the first time I saw them, back at the Underground Music Showcase last summer.

Anthem – Born In The Flood
I saw Born In The Flood open for Kings of Leon two years back, and I was mightily impressed. You can hear why they were such a good match to share the stage with KOL here on this song– an anthem worth blasting loud, indeed. They also won our Denver Post Underground Music Showcase that summer, and keep getting better. En fuego!

Who’d Stop The Rain – Dressy Bessy
Part of the Elephant Six Collective, Dressy Bessy is fronted by a ferocious guitar-wielding female who reminds me of quietly-foxy Daphne on Scooby Doo (it’s the boots?). A Dressy Bessy show is bold, hollering, snappy fun from start to finish.

Hey Hope – Overcasters
Formed from members of half-a-dozen other Denver bands, The Overcasters have an otherworldly grip on the stage when they play, all haunting echo, reverb, and an undercurrent of elegant melody. We’ll end the day with their set, which one Denver music fan wrote is all “volume and beauty … in equal parts, oil lamp projecting trippy colours behind them. Your clothes vibrated, the rest of the world melted away and you were immersed in pure sound, a make-you-smile-for-hours great sound.”

We hope to make you smile for hours. See you next Friday.


Also… since we’re talking about my favorite Young Coyotes, tomorrow they have two new EPs for sale! On March 10th, you can get both five-song EPs for digital download on Brother Bear Records.

The Basement EP consists of five tracks previously recorded in the band’s basement. The Exhale EP contains all new material recorded at Coupe Studios in Boulder, CO. Both EPs will be available for sale at all major online retailers and Basement will also be available for free download (!) on the band’s website. Sounds like:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

[Mile-Hi Fidelity poster by “Denver icon of rock” Jonathan Till]

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