November 11, 2013

Typhoon recorded a song in my bathroom…

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Last year when Typhoon was staying at my house in Colorado Springs, they taped two mics to the top of my Dyson vacuum cleaner and set up a tiny recording studio in my downstairs half-bath. I was at work but they sent me photo proof, and my humble bathroom has felt blessed by the divine ever since.

You & I can finally hear the results of that afternoon — most excellently a part of an entire album of Portland bands covering the Beach Boys’ 1967 album Smiley Smile. It also features the delicious Fuel/Friends house show alums Radiation City (who I don’t think recorded anything at my house but WHO KNOWS), as well as other Portland talents.

The whole Portland Smiles album is for sale at Tender Loving Empire, along with a beer koozie that if they send to me I promise to use in that bathroom. For them.

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June 20, 2013

what are you doing Sunday afternoon?


This Sunday, June 23, my Colorado readers should head over to Denver’s Larimer Lounge for the Radiation City / Mike Clark & The Sugar Sounds Sunday BBQ!

a3615335268_2If we’re going to collectively be on a vintage summery-music kick this month, then Radiation City fits in so very well to my chosen soundtrack. They totally killed it in the house show I did with them a few months ago – they’re smart and catchy and dreamy-charming all at once.

Check out their new album Animals In The Median, out on Tender Loving Empire Records, label home to Typhoon and Y La Bamba as well. Radiation City was named Portland’s #1 Best New Band last year by the Willamette Week.

LA Beach – Radiation City

20056660-37383780And then of course we’ve established that Mike Clark & The Sugar Sounds are making some of my favorite soul music these days. Mike’s Daytrotter session came out yesterday, and Sean nailed it when he wrote: “Colorado songwriter Mike Clark writes songs that sound sweeter than sour. They give off the feeling that his love is healthy, but it’s still so damned hungry. It’s blazing and demanding. He gives off that pacing the floor, screaming at the skies neediness vibe that the greatest of the old school soul and blues singers gave off, as if there was nothing else than some soft touch to be had. It was all there was. It was everything that was and is needed. They’ll be wayward until they fill that yearning. They’ll be wayward for a while.”


The Dreamer (live on Daytrotter) – Mike Clark

From the Fuel/Friends Chapel Session:

Come onnnn, Sunday!!

shows_ive_seenTICKET GIVEAWAY! Fuel/Friends has three pairs of tickets to give away for this terrific show. Please leave a comment if you would like to be entered to win a pair and I will pick randomly on Saturday! I’m presenting the show along with Odell Brewery and Radio 1190. Radiation City plays at 6pm, and Mike Clark & The Sugar Sounds at 8pm, but come spend the whole day (doors at noon). Here’s the Facebook event. I hope to see you there!

I guarantee that this will be the best way you can spend your Sunday, getting pleasantly day-drunk, eating smoked meats, and listening to these sweet sounds.

Full schedule: Sunday BBQ!
ScaTTer GaTHer @ 4pm

$10.00 In Adv | $12.00 Day Of Show | 21+ | BUY TICKETS HERE

March 17, 2013

Fuel/Friends house concert Monday: Radiation City (Portland) w/ Mike Clark!


Radiation City is taking a break from their opening-for-Pickwick and their “Best-New-Portland-Band-of-2012“-ing to come play a sweet Monday night house show for me, with lots of harmonies and creative goodness.

Rad City (for short) are on the Tender Loving Empire label, home of Fuel/Friends-friends Typhoon, Y La Bamba, Loch Lomond, Finn Riggins, etc. I am so happy to welcome them on their travels.

Come join us on Monday night! Because whatever else you are doing, I’m pretty sure it’s not as good.

The tremendous Mike Clark opens. If you’ve seen our recent chapel session, you know why this is a VERY good idea. Information about the show is here. See you tomorrow!!

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