July 15, 2008

Last night: Supergrass covers 1978-era Police, before Sting went all tantric and Fields of Gold

[one spot of loud audio at the beginning – it gets better!]

Supergrass rocked what felt like a secret show last night at Denver’s tiny Larimer Lounge, after the Foo Fighters cancellation at the larger venue up the road. “Hellooooo Red Rocks!” Gaz Coombes shouted as they took the stage, looking back at his bandmates with a grin. With three of the band members sporting matching fedoras, they launched into a short but intense set of songs drawn largely from their new album Diamond Hoo Ha, which all sounded ferocious –and very, very loud– in the compact club. Three merry Britons next to me seemed elated by their dumb luck of seeing one of Britain’s biggest bands of the Nineties (who regularly play to massive festivals and stadiums) in the well-loved confines of our Larimer.

[full pics here, one other video here]

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