August 11, 2009

(New contest!) It might get loud.


To get you all riled up and excited like I am for the opening of the new film It Might Get Loud (opening in coastal NY/LA theaters Friday), I have a sweet poster signed by director Davis Guggenheim to give away.

I got little goosebumps of excitement when I saw this trailer, and I might have even uttered a profanity (sorry Mom).

Blue Orchid – White Stripes

From the clips I’ve seen, this movie draws me in because all three guitar players (Jack White, The Edge and Jimmy Page) truly, humbly love music and feel called to express part of themselves through the guitar. I love watching what flits across their faces as they watch each other play — the hint of a kid-like smile at seeing their idols at work.

The movie also seems to delve into how it can be almost like another language, this guitar playing — one that I can understand the meaning of when heard in the street, but I failed grammar class and could never speak a lick of it myself. As White says, “We’re all attempting to share something with another human being.” The Communication major in me thought that angle was pretty cool, and I can’t wait to hear more.

TO WIN THE POSTER: Leave me a comment saying which one of the three guitarists you are most interested to see and hear from and watch in this film, and why. I’ll pick a winner on Friday! (and sorry but you must be a U.S. resident to win)

sftri611In one of the press clips of the film that I got to screen, Jack White talks about how he came into making music through a Detroit co-worker (Brian Muldoon) at an upholstery apprenticeship he did in high school. The band they formed was fittingly called The Upholsterers, and their first 7″ was Makers of High Grade Suites (2000).

Even in these blisteringly raw tracks, you can hear the rumblings of what was to come from Jack White:

Apple Of My Eye – The Upholsterers (Jack White & Brian Muldoon)
I Ain’t Superstitious – The Upholsterers (Jack White & Brian Muldoon)
Pain – The Upholsterers (Jack White & Brian Muldoon)

threepackjackThe documentary also shows the making of a U2 single (I saw clips of The Edge out at a beach home, noodling), has original music from Page, and yields a new song written on the spot by Jack White for the film (his Fly Farm Blues single is out today on Third Man Records).

It might get loud, indeed.

September 26, 2007

Jack White wants to meet you and Bob in the morning, in Nashville

Jack White made a big splash last week at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville when he joined Bob Dylan onstage as an unannounced guest and picked a song to perform that had never been done live before.

“Meet Me In The Morning” (off Blood On The Tracks) tranforms from a winsome travelling folk tune into a scalding romp of electric blues with Jack on lead vocals. A friend speculated that Dylan must have known how big of a fan Jack is, and let him pick the tune (which is a fanciful ideation, of course, and just that – pure speculation. But a good story). In any case, good choice on Jack for knowing the lack of live history here, and how sweeeeet it would sound. How is it possible that this song has never been paraded out in over 32 years?

The following night, Jack was back for 2 more tunes, “One More Cup of Coffee” from 1976′s Desire (which the White Stripes also covered in ’99 on their debut album) and “Outlaw Blues” from Bringing It All Back Home in 1965. As far as I can see, that recording has not surfaced yet.

Meet Me In The Morning (live) – Bob Dylan & Jack White
Ryman Auditorium 9/19/07

Meet Me In The Morning (original) – Bob Dylan

Poor Meg’s also been in the news a lot lately and I’ll abstain from any speculative comments about that (but . . . it totally isn’t her).

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August 5, 2007

Jack White will rock you as he upholsters; plus scads of White Stripes b-sides

Thanks to a fantastic UK pal who shall remain nameless, my Sunday of struggling with re-tiling my shower (seriously and hint: don’t try it) has been significantly brightened. Behold a bonanza of White Stripes b-sides AND three songs from Jack White’s stint in The Upholsterers (a circa 2000 project with Brian Muldoon).

I find the White Stripes fascinating and brutal and talented, with their minimalistic rawness and fierce bluesy rock always hitting the spot. As an aspiring female drummer myself, I like Meg’s work, as simple as it is. I remember reading someone’s celebrity playlist on iTunes a good two years ago and whoever it was said of the White Stripes single “Blue Orchid” that it made their balls tingle (sorry Mom). Although I have no firsthand experience with that particular sensation, I’ll agree that it sounds pretty apt for most of these songs as well. Get ready for . . . a sea of red and black.

The Big Three Killed My Baby
(1999, 7″)
Red Bowling Ball Ruth

White Stripes/Dirtbombs
(2000, 7″ Split)
Hand Springs

“The Upholsterers”
Makers of High Grade Suites
(2000, 7″)
Apple of My Eye
I Ain’t Superstitious

Party of Special Things To Do
(Sub Pop Singles Club, Dec 2000, 7″)
All Captain Beefheart covers
Party of Special Things To Do
Ashtray Heart
China Pig

Fell In Love With A Girl
(April 2002, CD Single)
Let’s Shake Hands
Lovesick (Dylan cover, live)
Lafayette Blues

Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground
(Aug 2002, CD Single)
Suzy Lee (live on BBC Radio 1)
Stop Breaking Down (live on BBC Radio 1, Robert Johnson cover)

I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself
(Sept 2003, CD Single)
Who’s To Say (Dan Miller cover)
I’m Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman (live on John Peel Show)

Seven Nation Army
(May 2005, CD Single)
Good To Me (Brendan Benson cover)
Black Jack Davey

Blue Orchid
(May 2005, CD Single)
You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket (live in Belfast)
Who’s A Big Baby?
Though I Hear You Calling, I Will Not Answer

My Doorbell
(Sept 2005, CD Single)
Screwdriver (live 6/1/05 in Manaus, Brazil)

The Denial Twist
(Nov 2005, CD Single)
Shelter of Your Arms
(Greenhornes cover)

Walking With A Ghost EP
(Dec 2005)
Walking With A Ghost
(Tegan & Sara cover)
The Denial Twist
(live on KCRW 8/15/05)
As Ugly As I Seem
(live on KCRW 8/15/05)
Same Boy You’ve Always Known (live)


January 31, 2006

Define: raconteur

Thanks to Connor and Nathaniel, I now know that a raconteur is “one who excels in telling stories and anecdotes,” and it is also the joint musical effort bringing together Mr. Jack White and Mr. Brendan Benson (along with Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler) for a little bit o’ musica. The Raconteurs’ 7″ single was released today (well, technically yesterday) in the UK/Europe, and hits stateside on March 7.

Side A: “Steady, As She Goes” – The Raconteurs
Side B: “Store Bought Bones” – The Raconteurs

And I agree with iGIF that The Raconteurs’ website is one of the most glorious things I have seen lately, since my first computer was in like 1983, a TI-99 for Christmas with a screen just as lo-tech as their site.

And since we are vaguely, loosely, talking about the White Stripes, let me also throw this cover out there. It sucks (maybe because I just like the original so much) but I suppose it is all in good fun, and interesting, so it gets blogged.

Seven Nation Army” – Damien Rice & Vyvienne Long

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