July 7, 2008

Monday Music Roundup

Anyone who went through the ’80s knows that maybe sometimes, for some reasons, you might just miss the side ponytail. On Saturday night I went to a (totally radical) ’80s dance party out in the suburbs of Arvada and bravely dressed in my best finery from that decade. It felt so excellent and dare I say liberating to revisit the hairstyle of 5th grade and to not be alone.

The entertainment (+ fun complimentary personal mixing lesson!) was provided by DJ Hot To Death and DJ Goose from Denver. If you are feeling listless and cubicle-bound this morning, you can download a sizzling DJ Hot To Death set from the preset at the Film On The Rocks series last week at Red Rocks:

DJ Hot To Death set @ Red Rocks
Includes music from – The White Stripes * Santogold * Dropkick Murphys * Gnarls Barkley * Electric 6 * Modest Mouse * Crookers * AC/DC * She Wants Revenge * The Pixies * Diplo * The Clash * and more…
It’s a bit of Saturday night fun to start things off this Monday morning.

Stop Rip & Roll
J Roddy Walston and The Business
Just click play – this song hits like a most jubilant and unlikely combination of the Pogues and Queen. Tennessee-born J Roddy Walston and The Business have recorded one of my favorite tracks to be posted here in a long time. Second in a miniature series of “Bands Who Have Opened Recently for The Hold Steady,” JR&TB come flying at you and are completely unrelenting. Purveyors of a scathing live show, the Arkansas Times wrote “they’re loud, relentless, and wear you out before they’re even halfway done with you.” Well, I don’t wear out easily but I can see how they’d come close with stuff like this. Hail Mega Boys is out now on the Southern Brethren label.

123 Stop
The Postelles
Hailing from New York City, The Postelles are four fresh-faced younguns whose new album is also the inaugural production effort of Albert Hammond Jr. Citing obvious influences, our friends over at MOKB are calling this new single “Strokes-meets-Billy Joel.” From the traditional retro sugar of the chorus hooks to the teenager-in-love laments of songs you may know from a handful of decades ago, this is infectious and delightful music. The Hammond project is forthcoming, although there is an older EP available on iTunes. The Postelles will be playing Lollapalooza and some dates with The Whigs in the coming months, and I don’t see how their live show could be anything other than fun.

The Bittersweets
As much as I am enjoying the new Ryan Auffenberg album, I’ll have to admit occasionally missing the perfect counterpoint to his smooth vocals that was provided by singer Hannah Prater on older songs like “Under All The Bright Lights.” Prater’s band The Bittersweets (also featuring members Chris Meyers and former Counting Crows / Luce / Third Eye Blind drummer Steve Bowman) has relocated from Northern California to the Americana heartland of Nashville. Their new album Goodnight San Francisco is out September 9th on Compass Records, and it’s good to hear Hannah’s gorgeously warm and winning voice again as she questions “Why’d you go and wreck this all?

A Sweet Summer’s Night On Hammer Hill
Jens Lekman

This 2005 song recently came up on my summer shuffling and seems so fitting for July, all shiny trumpets and handclaps. Jens Lekman is one in the stream of likable Swedish acts to charmingly convince me to lend an ear. This song is a little cabaret in an unrehearsed way, conjuring up soulful images of standing around on a street-corner, singing and clapping as a fire hydrant goes off (I guess maybe that universally carries as a summer sentiment over to Sweden?). From Oh, You’re So Silent Jens (Secretly Canadian Records).

May 19, 2008

New Monolith acts announced and a new contest :: Win a weekend pass to the festival!

News this fine Monday morning from the craggy hills of Red Rocks — the 2008 Monolith Festival just added twenty-two hot new acts to an already airtight lineup.

New Monolith additions include:
Atmosphere, Hercules and Love Affair, Foals, Does it Offend You, Yeah? Port O’Brien, Pomegranates, Colour Revolt, KaiserCartel, Candy Coated Killahz, Jukebox the Ghost, American Bang, The Chain Gang of 1974, Joshua Novak, Erin Ivey, The Wheel, Paperbird, Noah Harris, Lynsey Smith, Scratch Track, David Moore, LoveLikeFire, and Dave Beegle

Add these to the complete listing that will now be rockin the ‘Rado on September 13th and 14th.

Now each of us Hot Freaks partner blogs is getting a chance to give away some passes to the festival, in addition to our work in helping curate the lineup! So I’ve got a new contest that starts today and runs for ONE WEEK (til May 26).

Two lucky Fuel/Friends readers will each win a weekend pass for the Monolith 2008 Festival (a $110 value)! To enter, you must do a little clickety-click research and find out what the original purchase price of the Red Rocks land cost the city of Denver back in 1927.

EMAIL ME your answer with a subject line of “Hey Heather, I Wanna Buy You A Beer At Monolith” (or something to that effect, that’d be grand). Don’t leave it in the comments, please, or you’ll wreck the whole illustrious trivia vision.

I’ll pick two readers randomly from all the correct answers received. For those that won’t get the passes (but you’re all winners in my book), tickets are onsale now.

One band added to the lineup today is Sub Pop-signed Oxford art school dropouts the Foals, who we’ve mentioned before because they get us movin. One of the Monolith organizers DJ Hot To Death (I call him Fecher) worked up a special remix of the Foals song “Electric Bloom” in honor of the occasion today. The world premiere:

Electric Bloom (Hot To Death remix) – The Foals

October 18, 2007

New Rockies World Series anthem, fresh outta Denver

My friend Fecher has composed the hottest (I mean “illest”) new rap track to come out of Denver this week, and it’s in honor of the red hot awesome Rockies.

He wrote to me, “btw, I made a Rockies World Series Anthem yesterday, I didn’t even know that I could rap, let alone be such a def producer. Now that I’ve mastered this rap game, expect to see me wearing fur coats, hanging with Pam Anderson on PDiddy’s yacht very shortly…”

I derived immense enjoyment from this song, and I’ve really hit the jackpot to have it here as a Fuel/Friends exclusive. I might have to gently squelch Fecher’s dreams of becoming a hip hop icon, but the Pam Anderson thing could totally happen. I hear she’s, like, not picky at all.

Rockies Ain’t Leavin Without The Trophy – Hot To Death

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