January 16, 2013

living is a gamble baby / loving’s much the same

Tonight in Portland I had the super-pleasure of seeing Drew Grow and Janet Weiss perform raucous, airtight covers under their new band name Slang. Both taking a night away from their other music (Drew Grow & The Pastors’ Wives are finishing mixing a new album, and Janet is busy kicking ass with Quasi and Wild Flag), Slang just radiated joy and fun – two things that I so love in my music, and often miss.

This song has long been a favorite of mine, and was one of the covers they performed tonight. I bought it on a little $5 CD single, backed with “Handle With Care” (Traveling Wilburys). So good.

Blues Run The Game (Jackson C. Frank) – Slang


  • Wild Flag is one of my favorite bands!



    sarah — January 16, 2013 @ 8:11 pm

  • Couldn’t believe it when I saw “Blues Run the Game” covered here! My dad went to college with Jackson Frank and they played music together at local coffeehouses. Years later, after Jackson had disappeared, a man named Jim found my dad in his hunt for Jackson. I remember after he left my dad dug up an old copy of the original recording of this song by Jackson, along with an never released album by a then unknown Paul Simon, who was recording in the same studio. All this made a strong impression on my then teenage self.
    That man Jim eventually found Jackson poor and destitute and helped get him some small back royalties, helped get him cleaned up for the last few years of his life. Sometime, if you’d like, I’ll send you a song I wrote about Jim, Jackson, and my dad.

    Tobias Anderson — January 18, 2013 @ 11:01 pm

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