June 11, 2010

Kings Go Forth and rock


When this song starts thrumming and skittering all retro-awesome, like a Seventies theme song for a badass soul singer who fights crime at night, I just can’t help but start tapping my toes.

This is the perfect soundtrack for a Friday evening in June, still light out at 9pm, beers on the patio. At least that’s what I have planned for my next few hours.

One Day – Kings Go Forth

Kings Go Forth were a recent recommendation to me, and you absolutely shant believe me when I tell you they are from Milwaukee and are making music now, not forty years ago. If I didn’t know how to google, I’d bet money that this was something the Numero Group guys had dug up from a dusty crate somewhere and reissued.

They’re a ten piece band with three lead singers (one named Black Wolf), and are out on David Byrne’s fantastic Luaka Bop world music label. They fairly incinerate my speakers. Their album cover was designed by the imaginary soul superstar Mingering Mike, and is available now.


Listen to more of their songs here.

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