January 6, 2009

New contest :: Flight of the Conchords Season 1 on DVD


I got me a sweet kiwi-bird necklace from New Zealand the other day, one that you wish you had. Its shiny loveliness hails from the same shores as one of NZ’s finest recent exports, the Flight of the Conchords folk duo. If you missed out on Season One, you can catch up on the hilariousness here (and maybe start with this) and prepare for Season Two which launches January 18th on HBO. You can stream the first episode of the new season in its entirety.

We also gots a new Fuel/Friends contest to win you some Flight of the Conchords swag! Leave a comment (maybe with your favorite FotC line if you’ve seen it) to win:
+ Season 1 of Flight of the Conchords on DVD
+ an FotC notebook
+ an FotC guitar pick (rock. on.)
+ an FotC poster and some FotC postcards (“Born to Folk”)

I’ll pick a random winner after one week. And I’m mandated to be all ethnocentric and imperialistic here, and only have this contest open to U.S. residents (I know! I know there are lots of you elsewhere). Sor-ry.

Bowie dream-sequence awesomeness

Bowie – Flight of the Conchords (one of the funniest things about David Bowie ever recorded. I love his music but I have an ongoing, chronic fear of him.)
Ladies Of The World – Flight of the Conchords

BONUS: Rip of the Flight Of The Conchords theme song
(makes a great ‘lil addition to a mix)

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