January 4, 2009

Buffalo Tom frontman on a free covers rampage


Everyone’s got a blog these days.

One trend I am particularly thrilled about is musicians who try their hand at regular posting, and use blog technology to share their music directly with the fans. Buffalo Tom (rad ’90s rock band from Boston) frontman Bill Janovitz has started one of his own and, in a powerplay to capture all the love in my hot-pulsating heart, is offering a free cover each week, along with an interesting backstory about the tune. Well … some of the writing is about the tune; in true blog form, some is just poetic rambling. And I adore it.

#1 Little Mascara (The Replacements)
[orig post]
#2 Johnsburg, Illinois (Tom Waits) [orig post]
#3 One Step Up (Springsteen) [orig post]
#4 Dreaming (Blondie) – Till The Next Goodbye (Rolling Stones) Medley [orig post]
#6 In A Misty Morning (Gene Clark) [orig post]
#7 Slip Sliding Away (Paul Simon) [orig post]

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There’s also a holly jolly Christmas one (#5) and New Year’s (#8) that I’ll let y’all figger out for yourselves since those days are passed and we now set our stony faces back to a work week tomorrow and I don’t want to talk about it.

[photo credit Stephen Dowling; thanks Kevin for the tip]

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