April 23, 2010

shadows and sand / cool air and clean

The other day my friend Dainon urged me to listen to this when it was live on the internet airwaves, I was instantly tangled in tightly. Jay Henderson fronts the Salt Lake City group Band of Annuals, who I’ve written about and loved before.

This song immediately reminded of another fabulous band that he introduced me to, Blind Pilot – especially songs like this, and some of the ache of fellow SLCer Joshua James.

Of the three new songs Jay performed this week at the independent radio station KRCL, this one struck me as particularly fine-grained and intricate. There’s a feeling that it’s been steeped in sadness.

The song is untitled, but if it were mine I’d be inclined to name it something after evocative lyrics like, “…low whispered to me / shadows and sand, cool air and clean / and the moon will calm you down, said I…

Untitled (Said I) – Jay Henderson of Band of Annuals

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  • Oh, you are a wise woman indeed, for tuning in, consequently loving and sharing this with the rest of the world that didn’t. Thank you for making this small flame a bit of a fire.

    Dainon — April 24, 2010 @ 8:35 pm

  • Blind Pilot’s three rounds and a sound is currently my number one album with a bullet so I figure I better take a closer look at Band of Annuals. Thanks for the tip!

    Christopher — April 26, 2010 @ 8:05 am

  • You can’t go wrong with “Let Me Live” by the Band of Annuals. Absolutely amazing songwriting!

    Eric — April 27, 2010 @ 11:12 am

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