February 18, 2010

you taught me the fire, i taught you the hunger

andy clockwise - remember love

This song reminded me a bit of the elegy found in a Leonard Cohen song, the hymn-like structure, the ancient weariness in the words. Listen in a darkened room with caution.

We started out, we were much younger
you taught me the fire, and i taught you the hunger
i remember love ,but love don’t remember me

…i’ll wait at the bar rooms, and you’ll wait at the station
and we’ll dream of each other, in our old situation…

The Casanova (I Remember Love) – Andy Clockwise (video)

I love that second line; after all, don’t we all want something to sparkle brilliantly as it combusts against the night sky? A supernova of fire and hunger.

Andy Clockwise is an Australian living in LA, and I first ripped a version of this song many months ago after falling in love with it during a live performance on NPR’s All Things Considered. It’s out now in proper form on the Australian version of his EP Are You Well?, with the marvelous addition of a harmonica bridge that’ll simply break your heart.

For two weeks only, you can download the EP for free on his website, including a fuzzy Beck-reminiscent tune called “Love and War,” his cover of Bjork’s “Hyperballad,” and a duet with Lissie, that gal I fell in love with recently.

This is a musician that has been vigorously championed to me for many months by my friend Garrett who lives out there in the California sunshine, and swears by the Clockwise live show experience. Lucky for me, Andy’s playing SXSW on Friday, March 19th at midnight at The Parish, and I’ll be pleased to be there.

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  • This Andy Clockwise download (from his site) is only available for MAC OS. One does not know that until it is downloaded. Maybe Andy wants to include Windows folks, or maybe he doesn’t. Regardless of his affinities, maybe it should be written somewhere, “Windows Users, Don’t get your hopes up.”

    Thanks for all the good music. You have been my rainbow this snowy winter.

    Danielle — February 18, 2010 @ 8:21 am

  • awww yay! thanks danielle!

    PS – I have a PC and I downloaded them just fine – go to the “Music” section, click on the EP, then click on the download sign for each track, but I selected to open it in a new window and it loaded as an mp3 playing in the page (I’m on firefox). Then I “saved page as” to my computer. It was tricky, though.

    browneheather — February 18, 2010 @ 8:37 am

  • Ah-Ha! I was thwarted by the inability to right-click on the link due to Adobe-Flash. Downloaded the songs per your suggestion and it worked well. Thank you!!

    Danielle — February 18, 2010 @ 8:57 am

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