June 30, 2007

The turntable chronicles

My contest #1 (for the Black Lips/YACHT 7″) from last week garnered six entries, but each was a wonderful story of a record player. You guys are fine, fine storytellers and it was hard to decide — reading those comments made my day. I would encourage all you guys to read them too if you hold a special warmth in your heart for vinyl.

My winner is gonna be Miguel with this fantastic tale — how could I deny someone whose very first vinyl ever was of the Black Lips, and who owns the entire Smiths catalog (singles included) on vinyl as a gift from what I would have to call the best girlfriend ever? He writes:

I was in posession of only one vinyl record, which, strangely enough, was the Black Lips first 45 ep that they had given me for letting them stay on my couch in Brooklyn while on their first tour. I desperately wanted to listen to it, but throwing down a wad of cash for a record player so I could listen to a solitary 7 inch seemed a bit frivolous.

One Christmas, my (ex)girlfriend took pity me and my solitary record. Underneath the tree I found a shiny new Technics and the entire Smiths catalogue, singles included. (I bought her a watch. So tactless.)

Since then the collection has grown hundreds fold, but that first 45 with Ain’t Comin’ Back and the signature firecrackers solo will always be my favorite.

That’s fantastic, Miguel. Thanks to all for sharing; I hope to have a few more cool 7″ contests in this series. The Ryan Adams contest will end sometime tomorrow, and with over 70 heartfelt entries already, how in the world am I ever gonna choose?

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