June 6, 2007

News of the day

Ûž San Francisco musician/funny guy Matt Nathanson has a new song streaming over at his MySpace. Check out “Gone” in all its Goo-Goo-glory, a wrenching new song with a strong melody.

Matt writes some background on the song: “this song was tracked all at once, live… and this was the 3rd or 4th pass through. i vividly remember looking out into the tracking room while i was singing this, and seeing everyone completely in it. hunched over their instruments, eyes closed…entrenched in the words and the motion of the song. riding it like a wave. just absolutely KILLING it!… i hadn’t really experienced that kind of connection, that kind of communication, in the studio before… 6 people working like one. and the yearning and the desperation of the lyric totally came through them. through us…”

The deeply good new album Some Mad Hope will be out August 14th on Vanguard Records.

Ûž I am featured again on the newest Contrast Podcast #62: Seas, Oceans, and All Things Marine. My contribution was that fantastic song by Colorado artist Gregory Alan Isakov, “The Salt and The Sea.” It’s his love song to the Pacific Ocean, and mine.

Ûž The Format, who are one of the best bands I’ve seen live, have just announced a new headlining tour. It concludes in Colorado Sept 7th. Dates are on their MySpace, and you should absolutely go.

Ûž Finally, just one album a year for Ryan Adams is never enough (even though that’s A-OK with me). Lost Highway announced yesterday that there is a chance they will put out a Ryan Adams box set, with unreleased materials from the 48 Hours and Suicide Handbook “albums,” live songs from the Bedheads, and cuts from the Easy Tiger sessions.

If you preorder the (very strong) Easy Tiger album now, you get a bonus CD containing a live version of the song “These Girls,” which I got to hear on the album the other day. The most exciting news for me is that the song These Girls is actually a re-working of forgotten cast-off tune “Hey There Mrs. Lovely” from the ’99/2000 era, a song that I have long adored. The lyrics are different, and I am not sure if I like them as much as the original, but it is still a great-sounding song. The first 100 preorders also get a signed 7″:


  • I probably have all those ‘unreleased’ songs already, but a boxed set would be pretty cool! Thank you for the info.

    wakeboarder69 — June 6, 2007 @ 1:44 pm

  • Arrrrrgh! Captain ‘salty’ Tim says ‘thanks for being on this week’s podcast … argggggggh!’

    Tim Young — June 7, 2007 @ 3:36 am

  • Hi Heather,
    I’ve just found this on the usenet :

    Artist : Ryan Adams
    Album : Keep Me In Your Thoughts (A Retrospective)
    Label : Lost Highway

    Rls date : 2007-05-19

    [Track List]
    1. Two 2:38
    2. Blue Sky Blues 5:18
    3. Nuclear 3:24
    4. Halloween Head 3:23
    5. So Alive 3:58
    6. Wonderwall 4:09
    7. Let It Ride 3:23
    8. Two 2:38
    9. The Hardest Part 2:52
    10.New York, New York 3:46
    11.Halloween Head 3:22

    Do you know more about it?

    Steam Master — June 12, 2007 @ 5:51 am

  • Hey There Mrs Lovely is fantastic. I was lucky enough to hear it last year when he brought back some of the older songs on the solo tour. Have you seen the live video of Thes Girls? The link is:


    (sorry if that makes the page funny!)

    As for ‘Keep Me in Your Thoughts’; I think that’s just a promo disc made to highlight his career so far, and is sent to radio stations or something. I’ve seen several of them for other artists recently.

    Brendan — June 12, 2007 @ 6:04 am

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