December 7, 2006

I love my Gramma

Some people’s grandmothers are rotund and plump, sunny demeanored, aproned, bearing a tray full of fresh cookies.

My Gramma is awesome. She is an artist and English tutor who loves to write complaint letters and get free stuff, she raised 5 great children (including my dad), she often claims to be “happy as hell,” and she engaged me in a frank conversation about birth control the last time I was visiting her with no embarassment whatsoever. She often makes me laugh out loud, like when she just sent me this email full of warm materfamilial advice that I can carry with me in my heart (about her highly unfortunate and painful case of shingles):

if anyone comes near me, they are dead. I am one mean cranky gramma.

And if anyone ever tells you that you have shingles, kill yourself instantly.

Right on. Thanks, Gramma!

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  • yay for grannie. my grandma’s a tough cookie, too. we’re lucky.

    c — December 10, 2006 @ 8:00 am

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