November 20, 2006

Damien Rice contest winner

I don’t know why I do this to myself.

“Judging” those Damien Rice contest entries was like reading through a bunch of peoples’ diary entries and coolly picking the “best.” How hard-hearted is that? In any case, it was almost impossible, and thanks for all the dozens of thoughtfully incisive entries. If you want some great reading, look them all over and appreciate the depth and the heartbreaking elegance of Damien’s writing. If Rice wasn’t a musician, he could be the greatest Irish poet and author in a long time.

Winner Because I Don’t Know Why (it just grabbed me the right way)
BRETT writes:
“I haven’t heard the new one yet, so I’ll have to choose from ‘O’.

And I die when you mention his name
And I lied, I should have kissed you when we were runnin’ in the rain

I die when he comes around to take you home
I’m too shy, I should have kissed you when we were alone

- Cheers Darlin’

“Both of these really capture those ‘missed opportunities’ in life and love. Those rare moments that come along and you know you should follow your heart (and often your whole being) and capture them, but you dont. You hesitate, you waffle, you listen to that doubtful little voice in your head and then, its too late. All you can do is watch that magical moment – that possibility of true love – pass painfully by. All you can do is think of what could have been, if only youd had the ‘balls’ to step up and embrace that ephemeral spark. Its a lesson we could probably all learn from.”

Brett’s entry spoke to a belief I have about embracing the moment when you can and while you can, and fully appreciating life. Plus he used the words “ephemeral spark,” and I loved that.

Runners Up (would be pretty much everybody else, who, as usual, get nothing but the satisfaction of leaving an excellent comment):
Sorry I couldn’t give the print to Myk, who was hoping to give it to a lost love and win her back (!). Honey did me the awesome favor of sending me a link to the performance of her best song, “Insane.” I too love the lyric “Sometimes you’re breathing all over my skin…You always end up much closer than close…That’s where I give in.” R-O-Dub writes a novel, a literary dissertation on “The Professor” which was fantastic and would best be shared over a cuppa coffee, while Lucie just says that if someone quoted a certain lyric to her, she’d burst into tears. Succinct but perfect.

I appreciated what JBS from San Francisco State had to say about “Rat Within The Grain” because I love the aching honesty of those same lyrics (plus, he offered up a comparison with another song from a different artist; great foil). And two of you guys brought up the overlooked gem “I Remember” in all of its raging angst, drawing me back to this song I had kind of forgotten and renewing my desire to see Damien Rice live.

Every entry was great. Thank you to each person who took the time to add to the dialogue and respond.

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  • i missed the chance to participate (crazy, busy week before leaving for vacation), but that’s okay because one of my favorite lyrics won. Good pick. I should have kissed her too, standing in there in the rain.

    jojoware — November 23, 2006 @ 3:24 pm

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