May 26, 2007

Your ’90s Nostalgia summer tour

Counting Crows is heading out on the road this summer in support of their new album coming out this fall, which is in the mixing stages at the moment. They will be reprising their double bill with Live — I saw this same pairing on the tour for This Desert Life at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, and that was just when Ed Kowalczyk was hitting his full rap-rock stride (complete with crotch-gesturing, which he has now perfected into a veritable art form).

It was actually a really good show (I remember Adam running out on stage to sing with Ed on “Dolphin’s Cry” and I think Ed returned the favor during the Crows’ set as well). If they announce another leg of this tour (nothing this far West yet) I will probably go if it isn’t too expensive.

You know I love Counting Crows, and have never really grown tired of Live. I absolutely wore out their Throwing Copper album in high school, and even though Secret Samadhi was a little uneven, they struck gold again my book with The Distance To Here. I just love their strong and soaring, melodic-rock sound.

Collective Soul and Third Eye Blind will also be joining the tour for most dates. I don’t especially ascribe to either of these groups (which is why I only have covers from them to post below), but allegedly the lead singer of 3EB is a foxy, foxy man in concert. Duritz writes, “What you may not know is that on Saturday, May 21st, 1994, Third Eye Blind played their 1st show ever, opening for Counting Crows at the historic Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco. We’ve never toured with Collective Soul before, but we’ve played festivals together and…well, they’re just a great band.”

The tour will be hitting minor-league ballparks across the nation in smaller towns and communities (speaking of which – I am going to a Colorado Sky Sox game tomorrow on a package with free food and free beer until the 7th inning . . . no better way to spend Memorial Day? ). This is an interesting idea for a tour — and just in case there was any lingering question who the primary audience now is for Counting Crows, children under 12 are free at all shows on this tour. Ha.

Einstein On The Beach – Counting Crows
They Stood Up For Love – Live
Train in Vain (Clash cover) – Third Eye Blind
Jealous Guy (Lennon cover) – Collective Soul

July 22nd – Daniel S. Frawley Stadium in Wilmington, DE

Home of the Blue Rocks
July 24th – Classic Park in Eastlake, OH
Home of the Lake County Captains
July 25th – Consol Energy Park in Washington, PA
Home of the Wild Things
July 27th – Fifth Third Field in Dayton, OH
Home of the Dragons
July 28th – Fifth Third Ballpark in Comstock Park, MI
Home of the West Michigan Whitecaps
July 31st – Jerry Uht Park in Erie, PA
Home of the Seawolves
August 1st – Dunne Tire Park in Buffalo, NY
Home of the Bisons
August 3rd – Louisville Slugger Field in Louisville, KY
Home of the Bats
August 4th – Victory Field in Indianapolis, IN
Home of the Indians
August 7th – GCS Ballpark in Sauget, IL
Home of the Gateway Grizzlies
August 8th – Drillers Stadium in Tulsa, OK
Home of the Drillers
August 10th – Sedalia, MO – without Live/Collective Soul or 3EB
August 11th – Principal Park in Des Moines, IA
Home of the Iowa Cubs
August 14th – Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, MD
Home of the Ironbirds
August 15th – Harry Grove Stadium in Frederick, MD
Home of the Keys
August 17th – Stadium in Manchester, NH
Home of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats
August 18th – New Britain Stadium in New Britain, CT
Home of the Rock Cats
August 21st – Blair County Ballpark in Altoona, PA
(“all that moisture’s gonna push off towards Altoona“)
Home of the Curve
August 22nd – First Energy Park in Lakewood, NJ
Home of the BlueClaws
August 24th – McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, RI
Home of the Paw Sox
August 25th – Dutchess Stadium in Wappingers Falls, NY
Home of the Hudson Valley Renegades
August 27th – Syracuse, NY – without Live/Collective Soul or 3EB
August 28th – Allentown, PA- without Live/Collective Soul or 3EB
August 30th – Memorial Stadium in Ft. Wayne, IN
Home of the Wizards
September 1st – Midway Stadium in St. Paul, MN
Home of the Saints
September 2nd – Newman Outdoor Field in Fargo, ND
Home of the Redhawks

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