February 3, 2009

First ever Song-Off! (makes me weak in the knees)


I have a friend out in them hills o’ Utah named Dainon who is a competitive chap in the best way. One of his joys is listening to fabulous music and then hosting song-offs with various other blogger friends. The concept is simple: on the same day we both pick a song (perhaps around a common topic) and you vote which one you like best, and then I win in a haze of glory. See — easy.

Since this is the short bleak month of February, punctuated by nothing but a big hot heart in the middle, our theme for this first Song-Off is love songs, specifically those that make you weak in the knees. This song, my contribution, not only makes me weak in the knees but it also makes my heart ache, and sometimes a lump forms hard in my throat.

Tidal Wave – David Gray

This song is about that amazing, spine-tingling moment where you know you’re in deep (and probably done for) but all you can manage is half-sentences remembering. Ever since your fingertips…. All your favorite eyelashes . . . Comin over Waterloo, dreaming of your hands. It is a tidal wave, every time. Maybe that’s why we keep doing it.


Ever since your fingertips…
Ever since your eyes…
Talking with the light on
Bluer skies

Even if I wanted to
How could I explain?
Coming through my head now
This tidal wave

All your favorite eyelashes
All your bluest skin
Bring them and I’ll meet you in
That room again

Even if I told it true
Why should they believe
Coming through my head now
This tidal wave
Tidal wave

Coming over Waterloo
Dreaming of your hands
Want to run away now
Foreign lands

Even as I lie with you
Listen to you breathe
Coming through my head yeah
This tidal wave
Tidal wave
Tidal wave


Dainon has made his selection here (I don’t know what he’s picked, as of this writing) and yeah, he is one of the next to the last romantics so I’m sure it’s good. But the question is….which love song is better? Vote here or there, we’ll tally them collectively.

But no, seriously. Can we please skip February 14th this year? Like a leap year, we’ll just vault over it.

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