December 23, 2008

he sings his song with his heart on his tongue

This unassuming tune was introduced to me a few weeks ago as “a perfect song.” Homemade and unvarnished, it resonates with me both in the way it speaks to the creative process of artistry, and also the ups and downs of love. What more do you need in music?

Bird (demo) – Scott Brabson

lovesick bird bears his burden to the mass
sings his song to anyone who will listen back

he sings his song with his heart on his tongue
with a faded photograph in his sock
they’ll walk by with x’s on their eyes
greenback tethers beckon them to walk

when did you get your wings clipped bird?

(could you) love someone new?
one who’ll hold you through the night
and forget the past
forward-motion puts history behind

she sings her song with her heart on her tongue
she’s waiting in hope of a response
he stands by with his arm tucked by his sides
cause a ghost has claimed a place in his thoughts
and a ghost says “ooo”

So he sings his song with his heart on his tongue
pulls a faded photograph from his sock
he lets love walk by a hundred thousand times
and a memory will never let him stop

Scott Brabson is a Denver artist, and this was recorded in his studio (apartment, that is).

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