January 2, 2012

My NPR appearance this weekend

This last week has been a delightful unplugging for me, off exploring Colorado via its craft beers and its snow-covered mountains with a good friend in from out of town (he’s a Red Sox fan but I overlook that).

On Friday, we caught my NPR’s World Cafe with David Dye interview segment, and in case you missed it or live somewhere that you can’t stream it, I’ve made an mp3 for ease. Here I am talking about some of my favorite picks from 2011 with the always-wonderful David Dye — I love doing this because I’ve found I really like playing DJ. And cracking lame 30 Rock jokes.

My World Cafe Appearance – Dec 30, 2011

January 4, 2010

So I was on NPR on Friday…

…and I forgot to listen! I did the Polar Bear Plunge on New Year’s Day, and I do believe that diving into the 35° Boulder Reservoir may have frozen my brain.

In any case, my conversation with David Dye is streaming online now (so I can finally hear it!) and I would love to invite you to come take a listen while we talk about some of my favorites of 2009! Anthony DeCurtis from Rolling Stone is on the other half of the broadcast with David this year; it is always a joy to be a World Cafe guest.

LISTEN: Heather Browne on World Cafe (1/1/10)

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December 31, 2008

I’m inside your radio


Thanks to the great folks over at NPR’s World Cafe, I get the distinct pleasure again this year of joining David Dye to talk about (and spin) some of my favorite albums of 2008! It all goes down tomorrow, January 1st, and you can listen online!

I’m boarding a plane in San Jose to fly back to Colorado, and I wish all y’all a safe and happy New Year’s!

January 3, 2008

Re-run: Me on the radio

My guest spot on NPR’s World Cafe with David Dye aired on Tuesday, much to my mom and dad’s delight. After I spent approximately seventeen years trying to find a way to stream it online, I was finally able to hear my sleekly-edited interview late in the evening. Over about thirty minutes, Dye and I chatted about a few of my favorite albums of 2007, and my impressions of the current blog world/digital music landscape.

The conversation was a ridiculously fun one to have, and most of the time I forgot that they were even recording. It is a credit to Dye that he can make jittery first-timers feel so relaxed and get to the core of the matter, which was the slew of great music this year. I didn’t get a chance to cover all my picks, and they cut some of the portions (plus I am kicking myself for not even mentioning the lyric + sentiment that I borrowed the oft-confusing name of my blog from!) — but overall this was something I deeply enjoyed doing.

If you missed it, you can take a listen now:
Heather Browne on World Cafe 01-01-2008

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