November 2, 2008

Where do I get a girl with sequins and pom poms to dance in my wake?

The King Khan and BBQ Show put on a drunken, riotous, fuzzy show of rock debauchery that sounds like retro surf-jams put through the wringer with The Ramones and James Brown. It’s a mad dervish of live music fun, with a full-time dancing girl as part of the band. just posted up a video of King Khan and the Shrines from this summer, a few weeks after their July concert date that I caught. That show in Denver was in a small sweaty venue (the Larimer, where they play again tomorrow night) that quickly degenerated into good-time mayhem. Two songs in and King Khan was already in the crowd, screaming inches away from my nose. I loved it.

Burnin’ Inside – King Khan & The Shrines

If you are curious to know if they are worth seeing live, this is a full concert video below — click through to the full show and check “French Song,” a sorely-needed power punk anthem for Montreal separatists. And I believe the gold headdress Khan is sporting may belong to the dancing girl, at least she was rocking it this summer in Denver. Maybe they share shiny things — and well, when you’re having this much fun, it’s kind of necessary.

Watch the full concert at


(9pm, with The Omens and Women)

Other tour dates here.

All ye other drummers and aspiring drummers, you can rock like the Khan show with the custom-decorated cymbal they all signed, and you can win it right over here. Look how fancy they did it up.

[top image credit Jalapeño]

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