June 12, 2008

Duchess of York provide the first addictive smash hit of my summer

Take four kids from Richmond, VA who average an individual age half that of Jack White, and all collectively have lived fewer years than one Mr. James Brown, but who exude heavy doses of both vibes in perfect collaboration.

My new favorite on-repeat listen is “21st Century Slave” from their Era In Static EP. No, seriously — like, listen over and over in my car until it’s ridiculous, trying to suppress the urge to dance in the driver’s seat, and restrain myself at stoplights so I don’t get weird looks. I find the raw and pugilistic garage scowl of the White Stripes mixed with the outrageous I-feel-good funk of the Godfather of Soul/Jackson 5 to be an absolutely irresistible sound combination. Listen! Try to sit still.

21st Century Slave – Duchess of York

Duchess Of York swagger and strut with the cockiness that only comes from not having lived long enough to know better yet. But let them for a while – this is a terrific album from a talent that is relatively unknown outside of Richmond, but who have the stuff to hit it huge.

They are 16, 17, 18 and 21 and the band is made up of two brothers and a pair of cousins. This is somehow their third proper album, all dirty growly blues with super-seductive funk and melody.

LISTEN: More tunes (try “Animal City”)
BUY: Era In Static

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