November 20, 2008

Robert Pollard boards a spaceship to Boston

The thought process behind this post went, “Wow, I really like this Boston Spaceships track from Bob Pollard’s latest. I wonder what else he’s up to?”

You Satisfy Me – Boston Spaceships

When it comes to updating oneself on Dayton’s prolific Robert Pollard (Guided by Voices) this is a dangerous question that will suck all your time away. Pollard famously claimed that he can “can write five songs on the toilet, and three of them will be pretty good,” and you will have multiple chances to test out this theory in the coming months. In Bob’s own words, “I’m doing more than I’ve ever done,” and that’s saying a lot.

Earlier this year, Pollard released Brown Submarine with Boston Spaceships, a project that reinvigorated Pollard so that he decided to take to the road these last months for his first club tour in two years. The Boston Spaceships site describes the album as “a pop punk album, made by and for kids who’ve worn out the grooves on their Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, Wire and dBs records.” Of themselves, they say “Boston Spaceships rock hard, have fun and drink Miller Lite.”

Pollard has said that he plans to stick with this Boston Spaceships business and release an album a year with them. They’ve got a new album called The Planets Are Blasted coming out on February 17, 2009. Check out the new song from that album called “Headache Revolution,” live in Philly in September.

Pollard also released a new album a few weeks ago with his band Circus Devils called Ataxia (on Happy Jack Rock Records):

Girls Will Make It Happen – Circus Devils

And finally, just so no one thinks he’s wasting any time, there’s a new solo album under his own name called The Crawling Distance, due out Jan 20th on his own Guided By Voices imprint.

According to Bob’s Facebook page, there’s a sweet little mp3 sampler containing tunes from many of these recent efforts that you could snag if you bought a shirt at one of his shows, but I can’t turn up hide nor hair of it online. I’m anxious to hear some of these new tunes, especially if any of them come close the celestial pop magnificence of this song off 2008′s Robert Pollard Is Off To Business:

Gratification To Concrete – Robert Pollard

Man I love that song.

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