September 14, 2011

sonnet in the snow

“A record is called a ‘record’ because it is supposed to be a document of a performance. It captures a moment or series of moments when certain musicians played music. In one sense, it’s kind of weird to expect any record to be applicable to everyone at any time, as if you could record a phone conversation you had with your friend and always listen to that instead of needing to talk to your friend again.”

Portland musician Nick Jaina (who we enjoyed on my summer mix, and who has this cool new album of females singing his songs that I plan to write about. Soon) ruminates on recorded music in a column for the Willamette Week. I live for theoretical musical discussions like this, as anyone who I’ve ever cornered at a bar knows all too well.


[thanks, Conor]

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  • [...] I can get my hands on because I love the nuances of each performance. I read this recently at Fuel/Friends (via Nick Jaina’s Little Box of Lies) and it really put into words what exactly I’m [...]

    Ampersand Sessions: Fake Problems | The Ruckus — October 17, 2011 @ 8:30 am

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