August 21, 2011

i know we too are made of all the things that we have lost here

Day After Tomorrow (Tom Waits) – Grand Hallway

In the last few days, I’ve put this song on repeat and just steeped myself in it over and over. Tomo Nakayama of Grand Hallway has a haunting, spectral voice here (reminds me of Thom Yorke) as he covers one of Tom Waits’ saddest sad songs. I very nearly lost someone I love last weekend, and have been reminded this week how incredibly tenuous this life is. You might go ferociously hug someone you love today, and tell them what they mean to you. Just a thought.

Tell me, how does God choose
whose prayers does he refuse
who turns the wheel, who throws the dice
on the day after tomorrow

And the summer, it too will fade
and with it brings the winter’s frost, dear
and I know we too are made
of all the things that we have lost here

This video was recorded a year ago as part of their Sound on The Sound Session. The second song in this video (“I hear music from the next room…”) is called “Roscoe (What A Gift),” and it is the closing track from the new Grand Hallway record. It’s also one of my favorite songs on there.

Winter Creatures is out now, and it is sparkling, and GORGEOUS.


  • Great cover of a fantastic song! Given the autumnal feel, might this make the fall 2011 mix?…

    Your Narrator — August 21, 2011 @ 2:20 pm

  • Man…. that’s heartbreaking and gorgeous. And perfect. Here’s to hoping things start looking up.

    Adam — August 21, 2011 @ 2:40 pm

  • Once again, a million thanks for always finding my favorite new music.

    Anne V. — August 26, 2011 @ 5:32 pm

  • Fantastic.Found this on Hype Machine looking for more releases from the upcoming Waits album…what a beautiful accident.

    Thomas — October 6, 2011 @ 1:51 pm

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