February 12, 2011

March 23: the Fuel/Friends David Bazan House Show!


I am having so much fun with these house shows. In addition to a new one I got going on March 12th with The Head and The Heart (plus Kelli Schaefer, The Moondoggies, and Ravenna Woods), I am extremely excited to have just confirmed another house show with David Bazan on March 23rd! Bazan is one of the most talented songwriters I know of, from his time with Pedro the Lion through his solo career. He’ll be playing to just 50 of us on that Wednesday night.

Ticketing for my show is here, and other dates can be found below. Some still have tickets left – get them here if he is coming to your neck of the woods!

That mini-documentary from 2009′s Curse Your Branches tour will give you some sense of what we’re in for, just in condensed, undiluted living-room form.

Fri 3/18 – Spokane WA
Sat 3/19 – Missoula MT
Sun 3/20 – Bozeman MT
Tue 3/22 – Ft Collins CO
Wed 3/23 – Colorado Springs CO
Thu 3/24 – Omaha NE
Fri 3/25 – Iowa City IA
Sat 3/26 – Minneapolis MN – SOLD OUT
Sun 3/27 – Milwaukee WI
Tue 3/29 – Chicago IL – SOLD OUT
Wed 3/30 – Grand Rapids MI – SOLD OUT
Thu 3/31 – Cleveland OH
Fri 4/1 – Rochester NY – SOLD OUT
Sat 4/2 – Montpelier VT
Sun 4/3 – Allston MA – SOLD OUT
Tue 4/5 – Brooklyn NY – SOLD OUT
Wed 4/6 – Mechanicsburg PA
Thu 4/7 – Arlington VA – SOLD OUT
Fri 4/8 – Virginia Beach VA – SOLD OUT
Sat 4/9 – Alpharetta GA – SOLD OUT
Sun 4/10 – Nashville TN – SOLD OUT
Tue 4/12 – Birmingham AL
Wed 4/13 – New Orleans LA
Thu 4/14 – Baton Rouge LA
Fri 4/15 – Houston TX – SOLD OUT
Sat 4/16 – Denton TX – SOLD OUT
Sun 4/17 – Austin TX – SOLD OUT
Tue 4/19 – Tucson AZ
Wed 4/20 – Phoenix AZ
Thu 4/21 – San Diego CA – SOLD OUT
Fri 4/22 – Los Angeles CA
Sat 4/23 – Visalia CA
Sun 4/24 – Fremont CA – SOLD OUT
Tue 4/26 – Eureka CA
Wed 4/27 – Corvallis OR
Thu 4/28 – Portland OR


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