February 21, 2010

Angel dust and my dress just comes undone


I’ve been listening to a good deal of Hole these last few days, since reading about Courtney Love’s return to band form and the live stage after a decade. I’ve also been mulling over ideas about Kurt Cobain’s argued influence on their whizbang, still-excellent-sounding 1994 album Live Through This.

kurtandcourtney_sassy1I think I’m going to go read some conspiracy theories on the subject, ponder whether attributing her good album to the nearest (musical genius) man is offensive, and enjoy listening to this:

Asking For It (feat. Kurt Cobain) – Hole

[Magazine scan via this post; How Sassy Changed My Life? I was a fervent subscriber and still have all the issues in my basement. So I just ordered the book.]

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  • I’m happy to read that the London show went well. (The Guardian gave it a nice review.)

    I’m rooting for her. I don’t listen to her as much as I once did (though I still like Celebrity Skin quite a bit), but I’d rather see her getting attention for making music and playing shows than falling apart.

    Kathy — February 21, 2010 @ 12:47 pm

  • She’s like a train wreck, I can’t not stop and gawk and listen and maybe even enjoy. It’s Courtney Love/Hate.

    Nyanza — February 21, 2010 @ 5:55 pm

  • I wish I still had my Sassy magazines. I still remember when Jane pierced her nose and had to draw it into the picture because it didn’t show up in the photo.

    dianne — February 21, 2010 @ 6:52 pm

  • Courtney may or may not be a little nuts, but man, do I love her music! Hole is one of the very, very few chick rock bands I think are actually any good. Thanks for posting this!

    jb — February 21, 2010 @ 7:14 pm

  • When discussing Courtney Love, it is what it is. Many shame her for troubles over the last 15 years but I don’t think her life would be any different if Kurt was still with us. His music was a voice of my flannel-covered heart, but he was no saint!

    Bryce — February 21, 2010 @ 8:05 pm

  • I always thought Kurt killed himself because Hole’s first album was better than the one Nirvana were about to put out.

    Eddie — February 22, 2010 @ 10:04 pm

  • Thanks for the post Heather,
    brings some good ol’ memories.

    Pedram — February 23, 2010 @ 12:39 am

  • Just read the Pitchfork piece about the new album and mini-tour. I’ve gotta say that I’m rooting for them. Live Through This is one of my favorite albums.

    Chris — February 24, 2010 @ 12:03 am

  • Thanks for reminding me of how great “Live Through This” was/is. Since you posted this, I’ve been listening to the album over and over, reliving some old high school memories. I remember a friend of mine who was also really into music dubbed me a cassette tape of “Live Through This” on the a-side and the blue “Weezer” album on the b-side. Classic.

    Spinadoo Matt — February 24, 2010 @ 7:48 am

  • She’s like a train wreck. Period.

    Fucking awful “music”.

    THEMOTHERFUCKINTRUTH — February 24, 2010 @ 9:02 pm

  • Dear Heather,
    I had put this on my ipod, and this afternoon it just kicked in. Oh, man…when Kurt’s voice kicked in,I got the biggest lump in my throat, watching ‘Brian’s Song’ emotions. I was a Hole fan, as was Kurt,before Nevermind even came out,and her theatrics aside,I still have always dug their music.

    mickeyitaliano — February 27, 2010 @ 1:46 pm

  • ahhhhh….dive in me! the good old daze.

    andrew — February 27, 2010 @ 6:35 pm

  • Thanks for your post, Heather. It’s frustrated me that almost all the “commentary” written on Courtney Love these days is small-minded attacks on her vices and personality (not unlike some of the comments on this thread…) when the music of hers I’ve heard is excellent! What a shame that she’s been consigned to empty insults and personality attacks. People should actually listen to this stuff.

    And I admit I haven’t read the conspiracy theories either, but I tend to agree with you that — while I’m sure Cobain and Love had a not-insignificant musical influence on one another — attributing Love’s great work to Cobain does seem a little insulting…

    DaveF — March 1, 2010 @ 3:55 pm

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