January 10, 2010

it’s a meaning that I understand

Why’s it so strange when they say that the world’s moving upwards?
why’s it surreal when my hands feel they can’t roll the dice?
why’s it so great just to wake every day alive and by your side?
It’s a mystery I guess, there’s lots of things I can’t find
its not the way that you look, but your move that catches my eye

Why’s it so soft when the cannons unload on the others?
Why’re we so loud when we say it won’t happen to us?
Why does my mind blow to bits every time they play that song?

It’s just the way that he sings
not the words that he says or the band
I’m in love with this soul, it’s a meaning that I understand

The Way That He Sings (acoustic) – My Morning Jacket
(Up Cripple Creek version)

A stunning rendition from a rad acoustic set by Jim James of My Morning Jacket, at a tiny bar in Louisville, Kentucky a few months back. Jim surely possesses one of the most affecting and astounding voices in all of rockdom today, and I got tingles at the way the crowd fills right in with the background chant that I’ve always heard as “ah he don’t know, no….” Wonderful. I would have given a small body part to maybe be there.

Jim James also announced a new record label endeavor last week, a joint project between him and former My Morning Jacket guitarist Johnny Quaid. Read more at the Removador Records website; they aim to bring you “some of the coldest music you ain’t never heard.”

[video via pacing the cage]

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  • by the way, thanks for introducing me to this. one of the most direct from heaven voices ever.

    sergio — February 23, 2010 @ 7:18 pm

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