April 18, 2008

Jackie Greene gives up the ghost for Record Store Day in Denver

Any reason is a good reason to comb the stacks and while away the hours in any independent record store. I’ve always managed to find a way to duck into the corner music store, from Florence to Vancouver, New York to San Diego — nothing beats the thrill of finding some small musical gem, or even the promise of that possibility.

Saturday is Record Store Day across the country, where your local independent retailers have joined forces to encourage you to stop by and say hello. They miss your smiling face. Really. Even if you’ve been seduced by the sleek and sexy mistress of iTunes (or its outlaw cousins at Pirate Bay), they’ll take you back and love you. Promise.

Locally here in Denver our excellent Twist & Shout is celebrating its 20th anniversary this very weekend, in addition to the Record Store Day festivities.

They’re bringing in California troubadour Jackie Greene for an intimate performance, in support of his new album Giving Up The Ghost. Greene plays Saturday night at the Bluebird; an excellent twentysomething blues-americana showman with some serious harmonica chops, his live performances have always impressed me.

Shaken – Jackie Greene (from Giving Up The Ghost)

So Denverites, stop by Twist & Shout this weekend –they have cake! and champagne! and have posted a list of just a few of the cool indie vinyls they’ll have in stock for the weekend:

Josh Ritter Live at the 9:30 club
Jason Isbell Live at Twist & Shout
Breeders We’re Gonna Rise 7″
Vampire Weekend A-Punk 7″
Stephen Malkmus Cold Son 10″
R.E.M. Supernatural Superserious 7″
Black Keys Strange Times 7″
Built to Spill Don’t Cry 7″
Death Cab for Cutie I WIll Possess Your Heart 7″

Plus many labels are giving away special comps and samplers just for Record Store Day: a Brushfire vinyl sampler, Merge 7″ vinyl, Sub Pop sampler CD, Matador comp, etc. Check with your local store for what they have lined up. It seems like everyone’s got something cool going on.

Let’s head out and support local independent music retailers. Each one that shutters and falls by the wayside is a blow to the unique, passionate, knowledgeable music-buying experience.


  • I’m pretty damn excited that my favourite music store, Red Cat Records, got voted one of the top ten music stores in Canada. Good for them!

    Paul Z — April 18, 2008 @ 7:14 pm

  • Gotta say, I was WAY disappointed to hear about Record Store Day while I’m living over here in Dublin. I regularly tithe about 20% of my income to Newbury Comics anyway, so I’m sorry I missed all the samplers/deals/in stores. But magically, Road Records over here decided to participate too, so I got my Breeders 7″ and Sera Cahoone’s new cd at 20% off, plus a nice little performance from Mark Geary. Not too shabby, considering I thought I’d be left out of the proceedings entirely.

    Lauren — April 19, 2008 @ 2:15 pm

  • One of my faves, the Bottle Rockets, played for Record Store Day at Euclid Records here in St. Louis. Five more (count ‘em, FIVE!) bands followed, plus DJ Spins and an indie restaurant serving goodies outside. All that and fancy vinyl ear candy, too? You betcha. My Saturday rocked.

    Ruralgurl — April 20, 2008 @ 5:50 pm

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