July 11, 2007

Original lineup of Superdrag reunites for six shows; nothing anywhere near this half of the U.S.

Several years after parting ways, this news just in: the original line-up of Knoxville power-punk/pop band Superdrag (Don Coffey Jr, John Davis, Brandon Fisher, and Tom Pappas) announced yesterday that they are reuniting to play six shows this fall. The official dates are:

October 05 – Nashville, TN @ City Hall
October 13 – Chicago, IL @ Metro
October 20 – Knoxville, TN @ Barley’s Taproom
November 02 – New York, NY @ The Fillmore
November 03 – Boston, MA @ Paradise
November 08 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club

This has been rumored for months, so the hardcore fans are all heaving a collective sigh of ecstasy right now at the actualization of firm dates. There’s a sweet bonus autographed tour poster [shown above] for those who buy a ticket during the pre-sale which starts Thursday (7/12) at 12pm EST. Tickets will be something like ten bucks; a mere pittance for something this fine.

And now, a word from the band…

Well…obviously, there’s alot to talk about. I’m thrilled to be able to announce these concert appearances with the original band. I have missed playing these songs with these three dudes. At the first rehearsal, I remember thinking it sounded to me like it might’ve been 8 months instead of eight years since we’d played together last. We’re really looking forward to seeing you at the shows. I think it’s cool that fans who discovered Superdrag through In The Valley Of Dying Stars or Last Call For Vitriol who never got a chance to see the original line-up play will now have the opportunity. I think it’s cool that people still care about Superdrag. We thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts. Seriously.

There are several things in the works presently in conjunction with the concert dates that might be of interest to fans. First and foremost, with the help of our good friend Jamie “Stealth” Shoemaker, we have hand-selected and remastered a 2-Disc, 40-song collection of classic Superdrag music entitled, “4-Track Rock !!! 1992-1995 + Complete “Bender” Sessions.” Some of this stuff pre-dates the band, obviously; included are some of my favorite 4-track versions, a couple of choice covers, the first-ever Superdrag demo (we were a 3-piece: Brandon played bass), every 8-track demo we made with Nick Raskulinecz leading up to our first album…you get the idea. We are pressing a limited run of the CDs that will be sold at our merch booth at each show.

We are offering an exclusive, autographed Tour Poster to be bundled with every ticket pre-sold through Ducat King. We are also printing a series of limited, hand-screened art posters for each of the shows, designed by Jason Kochis. We’re working very hard to deliver only the highest-quality merchandise to you. Feel like helping us out with the setlist? We’ll be conducting an online poll of fan favorites through the Superdrag Message Board and elsewhere, and the Top 3 Most Requested Superdrag songs go straight into the set, guaranteed. Stay tuned to Superdrag.com for further details and special offers.

This is all very exciting. Thank you very much.

With Utmost Respect And Sincere Gratitude,
John, Don, Brandon & Tom

Here are a few songs from the aforementioned Bender Sessions (94-95) that are finally going to be seeing official release. Even in raw form, these songs still sound so good – better than most of the new artists I filter through.
Sugar – Superdrag
Garmonbozia – Superdrag

The Bender Sessions will be released hot on the heels of the excellent Changing Tires on the Road To Ruin rarities comp that was just out in April. I am glad these guys are bringing the show back on the road, should be an excellent time for old fans who miss the band and new ones who never got a chance to see them live.

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  • the fillmore new york. wtf? (not aimed at you heather). but i can’t call it that.

    c — July 11, 2007 @ 12:31 pm


    Lauren — July 11, 2007 @ 3:49 pm

  • Lauren, that’s the spirit. I enjoy your enthusiasm (although you are SO rubbing it in!)


    heather — July 11, 2007 @ 3:59 pm

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