May 16, 2007

My featured eMusic playlist & Music Blogger Awards

Independent online music store eMusic is partnering with the new Music Blog Awards to see what you guys thought was the best music of the blog world in 2006.

A bunch of us bloggers were asked for our picks of the year (although not many of mine seem to have made it into the final voting options) and you guys finally get to have your say. It’s fun to see what was nominated. The survey will command you in dictatorial tones to vote in every category, but if there is a category for which you feel ill-informed and you know you have no business voting in — for me that was the rap categories — I have discovered that you can select “Other” and put n/a. Y’all can VOTE HERE until June 15.

But wait, there’s more.

The thing I am most excited about is that I’ve got a featured playlist now on eMusic, in conjunction with these awards!

If you vote and are new to eMusic, they give you the chance at the end of the survey to get 40 free tunes – so you could get my whole playlist, and have 20 left over for a binge. They really do have an excellent selection, almost everyone you could want, with non-protected mp3 files that work on any player. Me gusta.

So check it out, I experienced much joy in making this:

Featured playlist: I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS
I could have picked hundreds of songs for this playlist out of the largesse I’ve found on eMusic, but instead I narrowed it down to 20 fantastic songs, all of which I love. Any of these artists and their catalogues deserve a closer look.

And even though this is an independent music site, I still managed to sneak in a guest vocal appearance by Eddie Vedder.


*Dancing Song – Washington Social Club
(off Catching Looks)
*Hello Conscience – The Zutons
(off Help: A Day In The Life)
*Radio – Teenage Fanclub
(off Four Thousand, Seven Hundred and Sixty Seconds)
*Take A Walk – Spoon
(off Girls Can Tell)
*Good To Me – Brendan Benson
(off Lapalco)
*This Charming Man - Stars (Smiths cover)
(off A Lot Of Little Lies…)
*From The World Of The Lonely – Luce
(off Never Ending)
*My Favorite Mutiny – The Coup
(off Pick A Bigger Weapon)
*Disillusion – Badly Drawn Boy
(off Disillusion CD1)
*Sacred Heart – Deadstring Brothers
(off Starving Winter Report)
*Only Living Boy In New York - David Mead
(Simon & Garfunkel cover)
(off Everwood: Original Television Soundtrack)
*Southern Cross – Mason Jennings
(off Use Your Voice)
*I Don’t Want To Know – Matthew Sweet
(off Kimi Ga Suki Raifu)
*Stuff and Nonsense – Neil Finn (with Eddie Vedder)
(off 7 Worlds Collide)
*Down In The Valley – The Brokedown (aka Broken West)
(off The Dutchman’s Gold)
*Thirteen – Wilco (Big Star cover)
(off Big Star, Small World)
*Another One Goes By – The Walkmen
(off A Hundred Miles Off)
*The First Single – The Format
(off EP)
*The Emotional Kind – Superdrag
(off The Anniversary/Superdrag EP)
*Come Together – The Smokin Mojo Filters
(Paul Weller, Paul McCartney & Noel Gallagher, Beatles cover)
(off Help)

[Boo - I just noticed that they messed up my exquisite and intentional sequencing on the eMusic site. If you get the songs, you might humor me and drag and drop yourself an iTunes playlist with it in the right order. You and I will both feel so much better with the overall effect, I promise]

So, go ahead and vote if you like, and get my playlist so we can all rock simultaneously.


  • OK–I am so bummed. I just used up all of my emusic credits yesterday and cancelled because we are about to move and I won’t have access for a few weeks. I will check out your list again once we are settled and I have rejoined. You are the best.

    Anonymous — May 16, 2007 @ 11:37 am

  • Hi – I love your blog. Can I just say that Stuff and Nonsense is by Tim Finn and Eddie Vedder. It is a Split Enz song written by Tim one of my favourites ever. As you may have guessed I’m a long time Split Enz/ Finn / Crowded House.

    Paul in Uk

    Anonymous — May 16, 2007 @ 1:17 pm

  • H

    I don’t have access to e-music. Could you put this up as a zip or is that considered ‘bad form’.

    CJ Tottington UK

    Anonymous — May 16, 2007 @ 10:44 pm

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