April 17, 2007

B-sides collection from Superdrag out today

There’s a new b-sides and rarities compilation from Tennessee power-punk/pop band Superdrag out today called Changin’ Tires On The Road To Ruin. I meant to try and finesse a cool post of rarities for the occasion, but the day snuck up on me. So it’s out now, only ten bucks and you can order it here. Even though I was blinded to their wonderfulness when they first hit the ground in the ’90s, now I will admit to having seen the light. Superdrag has a crunch and a zing all their own, plus a distinctive echoey drum clatter that I love.

Superfans of Superdrag have told me that this rarities collection is a bit disappointing to the hardcore fans because most of these tracks have been circulating among the rabid for years, but for us non-rabid it looks to be a solid collection. Singer John Davis writes:

When you play in a band for 10 years, you write a lot. Usually, you only get a record out every couple of years so you’re going to end up with a fair number of songs that never see the light of day for one reason or another.

Sometimes the version that’s issued on record will be your second or third attempt to get it “right” so your demos are left behind like pieces of evidence. People sometimes care about ‘em, sometimes they don’t. You’ll wind up with hundreds of live recordings, mostly of dubious origin. A good percentage of these will be terrible, others might be great, and some will hold sentimental value because of the places and times they stand for: good or ill.

These are just some of the things this record is concerned with. Arena Rock Recording Co. put it all together for you, and I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it. There are hours and hours more where this came from… miles of cassette tape.

01. Here We Come (8-Track Demo, Bearsville, NY, February 1997) (*previously unreleased)
02. She Says (8-Track Demo, Bearsville, NY, February 1997) (from the out-of-print Rock Soldier CD)
03. My Day (Will Come) (8-Track Demo, Bearsville, NY, February 1997) (from the Rock Soldier CD)
04. Sleeping Beauty (8-Track Demo, Bearsville, NY, November 1997) (*previously unreleased)
05. Doctors Are Dead (8-Track Demo, Stealth Studio, October 1998 ) (*previously unreleased)
06. Comfortably Bummed (8-Track Demo, Stealth Studio, October 1998 ) (*previously unreleased)
07. No Inspiration (8-Track Demo, Stealth Studio, October 1998 ) (*previously unreleased)
08. Keep It Close To Me (4-Track Demo, Stealth Studio, 1999) (*previously unreleased)
09. Extra-Sensory (4-Track Demo, Stealth Studio, 1999) (*previously unreleased)
10. I Am Incinerator (8-track Demo, Stealth Studio, 1999) (*previously unreleased)
11. Relocate My Satellites (4-Track Demo, Stealth Studio, 1999) (*previously unreleased)
12. The Rest Of The World (4-Track Demo, October 2001) (*previously unreleased)
13. Lighting The Way (Live At The Exit/In, Nashville, TN, 6-21-03)
14. True Believer (Live At The Exit/In, Nashville, TN, 6-21-03)
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  • I am loving this album… makes me realize how much I miss Superdrag.

    Kevin — April 18, 2007 @ 12:55 pm

  • It’s $10.94 shipped @ http://www.deepdiscount.com

    Anonymous — April 18, 2007 @ 3:51 pm

  • definetly going to pick this up. i kind of let superdrag slip past me when they 1st happened as well…it wasn’t until much later that i experienced “head trip in every key” and was blown away.

    that record is epic in every sense and it remains in steady rotation.

    ortholomeux — April 21, 2007 @ 6:04 pm

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