November 15, 2006

The Verve EP (1992)

The first studio release from The Verve (way before Richard Ashcroft went solo, started sampling Curtis Mayfield, and volunteering at youth centers in a drunken haze) was the self-titled EP in 1992 (on Hut Records). It’s a swirly, ethereal bit of Brit-rock shoegaze history.

There are five songs on this EP, which clocks in at a lengthy 31 minutes (thanks to songs like the ten-minute opus “Feel”). Four of the 5 songs were never re-recorded or released on any Verve album. It’s a must-have for Verve completists, or for those of us who could use some spacey psychedelic music every now and then.

Gravity Grave – The Verve

A Man Called Sun – The Verve

She’s A Superstar – The Verve

Endless Life – The Verve

Feel – The Verve

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  • Oh brilliant! I have these on vinyl, so thank you! Great as the Urban Hymns era stuff is, I just always perferred the stuff on the first few singles up to and including the A Storm in Heaven album.

    I always look forward to checking out this blog, give mine a look if you haven’t already! Ed

    Ed — November 18, 2006 @ 1:41 am

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