November 2, 2006

Bridge School: Better Trent Reznor audio posted / Pearl Jam boots found

Hurrah and yee-haw. Forget that other low-quality recording I posted of Trent Reznor’s Bridge School performance a few weeks ago. Delete it from your computer. Done? Now, thanks to an anonymous Polish music fan, I have a great-quality recording of his set.

Visit the original post for new links to mp3s of the songs he scorched through (check out “Something I Can Never Have” and “Piggy,” probably my two favorite re-interpretations).

I would have had these up sooner, but I am still having pain-in-the-arse hosting troubles since EZArchive sucks on something unattractive and sweaty. The hosting alternatives I am looking at are all considerably more expensive than what I had set aside for a year of EZArchive, but seem more reliable. If you regularly visit this site and would like to pitch in a few bucks to make your downloading experience here simple and easy, please consider tossing me a few kopeks through the PayPal donation button on the bottom right of the toolbar, which a reader recently recommended that I add. I feel weird even asking, but it would help me help you and be able to afford a better server. Win-win-win situation.

OH! And hot dang part II: Pearl Jam Bootlegs blog has up stupendous audio from both nights of Pearl Jam, complete with album art and some nice photographs. Looks like whoever took the shots was about fifth row or so. A huge hurrah there too.

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    Ledbelly — November 2, 2006 @ 1:25 pm

  • Oh god, I know exactly how you feel.

         _.’__    `.
    .’@         /###\
    :        ,   #####
     `-..__.-’ _.-\###/
          `;_:  `”‘
        /  Honk \
       // Honk \\
       __`. | .’__

    Anonymous — November 2, 2006 @ 4:14 pm

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