July 21, 2006

Ben Kweller: New song & some old goodness

Ben Kweller has a new album coming out, called . . . Ben Kweller (due Sept 12). This is apparently because the album is all him, singing, doing all the instruments. Pretty impressive stuff, especially from a new dad who likely doesn’t even get to sleep at night. If Kweller really wanted to work it rock ‘n’ roll style, he could let said new baby cry on the background tracks for a song on the album, a la Coco Gordon Moore (Sonic Youth offspring) on the Mike Watt Ballhog or Tugboat album. But I digress (as usual – it’s just how my brain works).

Ben Kweller doesn’t look a day over twelve (okay, he’s 25), but here he is both reproducing AND recording mature, well-thought-out, melodic pop. More power to him (although I don’t advocate the concept of actual twelve-year-olds reproducing, for the record). Here’s a little snippet off the new disc, which is a surprisingly lovely piece of storytelling.

Oh, and try and argue that this is not the perfect first song for your next roadtrip mixtape.

Penny On The Train Track – Ben Kweller

As a bonus, just because the deadpan nature of this cover (everyone’s favorite song from the Cocktail soundtrack) is priceless:

Kokomo – Adam Green & Ben Kweller

Thanks to the (currently-hacked) Stereogum for both.

Next up for Ben is an appearance at Lollapalooza, then off to Europe for a few shows. And hopefully some sleep.

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