March 15, 2006

Odds & ends

a) World Music Wednesday is actually ready and sitting on the shelf as I await the recovery of a few songs that I accidentally deleted. Dah! So probably tomorrow.

b) And now, a dispatch from Jerry’s Yeti Cave: Play PONG with The Boy Least Likely To. Yeah, let’s rock it old school style, like it’s 1985. I laughed out loud from the sheer enjoyability factor of this one.

c) It’s like some joke from Strange Brew gone awry. Not that I would complain. Gives new meaning to the words “beer on tap.”

d) Offer a salute to Captain Funk himself with this tribute post to Sly Stone, with two great tracks for download (“Frisky” and “In Time“). It’s Sly’s birthday. Give him a little love.

e) Mason Jennings has a new song which I just listened to a snippet of on iTunes from his upcoming album Boneclouds, to be released on May 16. The first single, “Be Here Now,” is available now at online music stores. I like Mason Jennings, but generally more so when he is upbeat and makes me dance. This song, not so much.

f) And speaking of Jennings, Jennings over at the rbally blog has Blur from 1997 (live at the Brixton Academy) and Futureheads from the Leeds Festival in 2005. So you can jump around and, uh, feel British?

g) Marathon Packs has Devo covering Rolling Stones (inventive and typical Devo – I can almost see them dancing in their matching suits), and Cornershop covering The Beatles in some other language – sorry, my translator is broken.

h) Rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated. Will Ferrell is officially not dead.

i) And finally, many other bloggers have been surprisingly silent on this news story, probably because we are all a bit scared of raising any red flags or drawing attention to ourselves. But in any case, the feds who pressed charges on the Ryan Adams fans should consider this interesting article by Jim DeRogatis, which echoes what my take on the whole issue is.

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