March 7, 2006

Alice in Chains can’t TOUR

Saw this on Jerry Cantrell’s website today:

“Alice In Chains Tour Dates Announced”
More details on Alice in Chains’ first tour in close to a decade have been released. The band will be playing several European festivals over the month of June including two shows in Germany, one in England, one in Ireland and another in Italy. The first leg of the tour will then finish in Austria.”

That just seems a little bit . . . weird to tour after Layne Staley, the VOICE of Alice in Chains, died of a heroin & cocaine overdose in 2002. At least they aren’t holding a reality-TV competition to find a new lead singer. But still, it seems somehow wrong to me to tour under the same moniker.

In terms of posting this on my blog, yes, I know that Alice in Chains is a bit hardcore, but hey, I really liked them when I was 14, when (I am laughing as I type this) I was really, really hardcore too.

Here is one of my favorite songs by them that I still feel confident in standing behind in a public forum:

Right Turn” – Alice in Chains featuring Chris Cornell
- check out THE Moment at 2:31 in this song!
(from the SAP EP, some of their more milder, acoustic, harmonic stuff – similar to the excellent Jar of Flies EP. Both still sound good to me 11 and 12 years later. )

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  • Niiiiiiice. I used to draw that Alice in Chains logo over and over and over again in high school, on the fronts of my binders, on the sides of my notes…just to see if I could get it perfect. Not sure what would have happened if I did, indeed, get it perfect, but it would have been a day of wonder. :)


    Anonymous — March 7, 2006 @ 8:52 pm

  • Look at it this way… I’d rather have Alice In Chains tour again with a new singer than have any of the faceless bitches who took the Alice in Chains sound to platinum heights.

    Live with it hardcore girl. :)

    leon — March 7, 2006 @ 9:15 pm

  • This is goin to be interesting. The chris cornell bit that is.

    psychacid — March 8, 2006 @ 3:01 am

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