February 8, 2006

Make iTunes give *you* something for a change

So, if you are anything like me, iTunes has bled you dry in $0.99 increments for quite some time now. Love it, hate it, that’s how it has been. And LOTS of us have been doing the download thing, so iTunes is getting ready to celebrate its billionth download. You can enter to win by buying songs, HOWEVER, you can also enter to win tons of free schwag up to 25 times a day by going here:


Prizes to covet:
A black 4GB iPod nano, $100 iTunes Music Card, 20-inch iMac, 10 60GB iPods, and a $10,000 iTunes Music Card to jumpstart your digital music collection.

Yes, $10,000. That’s just crazy talk.

Maybe I will win me the 60GB iPod. I remember when I first decided that I indeed had to have an iPod last year, I was scouring the internet for ways to get a free one and entering all kinds of lame contests. I didn’t win, I bought one the old-fashioned way (and now it is full), but I still hold out hope that my big winner day will come.

I supposedly have this (long dormant, actually) luck that makes me win things. Come on, big money.

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