February 7, 2006

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Okay, for someone who has worked for five years in international education, this “Create a map of where you have been in the world” is a little bit depressing. Makes me want to buy a plane ticket to a grey area ASAP and see something new. The Europe area is quite heavily travelled, although this map doesn’t show the detail. And we’ve got some El Salvador action, as well as the Caribbean & Mexico. Man, I wish I had more red!

If I could pick some places today to visit next, I think I’d like to spend some time in Argentina, then Australia & New Zealand with a Fiji stopover. Plus Greece for the amazing archaeology and art, and maybe South Africa. I’d better start saving my kopecks.

You can also create your own visited countries map.
(I’d be interested in seeing how you represent, each map is a story) -

The United States map is a little bit more thorough, although I’ve certainly got a lot more to see. As I visit different states in the US, I am always amazed at the diversity in each location and all the wonderful things to see. I love my country, and all the things there are to see within its borders.

Glaring grey omissions are Oregon, which I plan to maybe finally visit this August for a wedding (and then I can stay at the schoolhouse hotel that always looked rad to me, but then again I loved being in school). And then maybe I need to go to Louisiana to visit my friend Jenn, and Boston is a place I have always wanted to visit but never have. I think it is reminiscent of multiple readings of Make Way For Ducklings when I was a kid. It just instilled this glimmer of interest in me in Boston which remains unfulfilled. No, seriously (she says with a self-directed laugh). Oh, man.

Try it out: create your own visited states map.

A little fun way to waste some time at work today.


  • Cool map idea, I will check it out. The Kennedy School in Portland, Oregon is the best. I lived in Portland for 6 years, never stayed at the Kennedy, but spent many nights drinking and taking in movies at their pub/theater. If you make it to Portland in August, check out the Edgefield for sure. Who the hell am kidding, all the McMenamin pubs are great.

    I’ve lived in Boston and Portland. Boston is cool, but Portland is a much hipper town; better music venues, more places to play outside, and much more affordable than Beantown. Just my 2 cents.

    JMH — February 7, 2006 @ 3:08 pm

  • ive been everywhere.

    wwjblog — February 8, 2006 @ 8:20 am

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