January 26, 2006

I just want to play on my panpipes. I just want to drink me some wine.

What a quirky evening of joy it is to spend a few hours with Cake. Seeing them live is always a treat, what with the crowd providing the background vocals, the dry acerbic wit of singer John McCrea (a true showman), the prominent percussion and thumping bass grooves.

Plus, I got to see the Fillmore Denver, which tries to be as cool as Fillmore San Francisco, but of course cannot. But don’t hold it against Fillmore Denver which is just a baby venue which will grow in stature and favor with the people. One excellent thing that Fillmore Denver has in common with Fillmore San Fran is the plentitude of concert photographs from the performers who have graced their halls over the years. I realized as I stood there just how happy it makes me to look at those photos. For years growing up every time I went to the Fillmore SF I would always look at the photos. I always look at the pictures first before reading the caption to see how many I know. When I feel that flash of recognition from their faces, rather than from reading their names, the songs and the music all comes to me in a rush and I remember great shows I’ve been at with these folks. I always feel surrounded by friends when I see photos of all that superb musical history in action.

And it may be late and I may have been drinking, but if I was the boss of concerts, let me tell you a little thing or two about how it would be. I would only invite very small people. Short folks who would never obstruct my view. If you tall folks insisted on coming we would have a special section for you. Tonight it was ridiculous. I said on many occasions, “Self, could more tall people stand in front of you?” It was like, hey, you’re 6’3″? 6’4″? Could you stand in front of Heather? That would be super.

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  • First of all nice work on the blog, it’s nice to have a local connection to the “scene” I was at the show last night as well, and what was up with the body surfing? I too suffer from the short gene so I chose to hang on the steps so I could at least see the band. Was the crowd in front trying to get John to join in? Because I thought he was calling them out on it. –and was anyone there to see Tegan and Sara, when they finally performed Walking w/a Ghost, no reaction from the crowd, like at ALL! WTF? At least my bartender couldn’t find the Kahlua key on the register, so my black Russians were “discounted” –nice

    Denver — January 26, 2006 @ 9:42 am

  • Great lyric!
    I just want to play on my pan pipes
    I just want to drink me some wine
    As soon as you’re born you start dying
    So you might as well have a good time

    Anonymous — January 26, 2006 @ 11:10 am

  • hahahahaha.

    Oh dear…the tall people raging has got to stop.

    Can’t we all get along?

    Keep up the good work miss.

    I stop by every other day to see what’s new.

    Let me know if you ever have an off day and you want a new band to check out, I know a few good ones :)

    Cousy — January 26, 2006 @ 9:37 pm

  • oh, cousy. i have nothing against tall people! some of my favorite people are tall. i’d just give y’all a special section. it wouldn’t be a bad spot, just away from in front of me. um, separate but equal. oh dear.

    heather — January 27, 2006 @ 9:18 am

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