January 16, 2006

Monday Music Roundup

Happy Monday, kids, from snowy Colorado. Yesterday was 60 degrees and I went for a nice run in the sunshine. Then the snow came last night and it is a balmy 20 degrees. Makes everything pretty (but a little harder to run!). Anyway, since it is a new week, that means that I’ve got some new songs for your consideration. Comments, concerns, reactions welcome.

Wicked Game (Isaak cover)
Giant Drag
Tanner from Rodeo Town was so very kind as to post this Giant Drag cover that I mentioned I was looking for. The intro is hilarious (a little Fatal Attraction, but still hilarious).

Damn that Chris Isaak! He’s no good, I tell ya.

I Can’t Look At Your Skin
Graham Coxon
Lots of buzz lately about the new Graham Coxon album Love Travels at Illegal Speeds, coming out March 14 in the States. The former Blur guitarist has released several solo albums since leaving Blur in 2002. This cut is a feisty, jump around rocker with the defeatist lyric “I can’t look at your skin, cos it’s doing me in.”

Drinking Again (link fixed now)
Haley Bonar
Thank you so much to Chad for posting about this songstress. I completely love this song, nice laid back alt-country/folk vibe. Her voice resonates with a sweet sadness, a powerful set of pipes. She kind of reminds me a touch of Lucinda Williams. I have decided I need to listen to more good female artists; you know, represent the gender. If you have any suggestions let me know. Haley is touring this February with Andrew Bird. This song is from her 2003 album The Size of Planets.

Somebody Loves You (Demo)
Lately Eels have been updating the download section of their site with a lot of goodies, demo versions of songs, interviews, etc. All in preparation for the obvious spike in internet traffic once their new live album, Eels With Strings: Live At Town Hall, is released on CD and DVD February 21. Here is one of the downloads from there, a demo version of “Somebody Loves You.” A little rough, but that’s the point, I suppose. It’s nice.

Pearl Jam
So I was all set to post something else in the #5 spot, but then I found this new Pearl Jam song and that, of course, blows everything else out of the water. According to MusicCherry, this is one which was announced as likely not making it onto the new album (2006?), unfortunately, but we will see. It has the proper amount of smoldering political angst, and a soaring & melodic chorus. Premiered live in Atlantic City at the Borgata Casino (below).


  • your an above average person for posting Gone …..

    i’m a sucker for Eddie solo with a good tune.

    thank you.

    Anonymous — January 28, 2006 @ 7:30 pm

  • Very nice. Here’s some video of a Haley Bonar performance that you might enjoy.


    Anonymous — April 30, 2006 @ 4:22 pm

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