January 7, 2006

Sorry About Dresden

So, if you were Conor Oberst’s brother and had your own band, would it be hard to escape claims of nepotism? Especially if you were both on Saddle Creek? Yeah, I am glad neither of my siblings blogs so I don’t have that shadow to stand in. Ha!

Anyway, familial relations notwithstanding, I am very much enjoying the laid-back front porch opening and driving build of this track from Sorry About Dresden. Matt Oberst and Matt Tomich have relocated from scenic Nebraska and now call Chapel Hills home. Joined by Eric Roehrig and James Hepler, they seem to have a nice little band goin. They have actually been making music since 1997 and have quite a name for themselves on the North Carolina college indie rock scene. They kind of remind me of early Pavement.

Sick and Sore from Let It Rest

Other mp3s available from the band section of the Saddle Creek website (frames won’t let me link you directly).

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