December 5, 2005

Monday Music Round-up

Happy Monday once again. It is 7 degrees in Colorado Springs as I write this. Yeah, uh huh.

Here are five new diverse tracks for your musical sampling pleasure.

Riot Radio
The Dead ’60s
I just saw these guys open for Social Distortion a few weeks back and was really impressed. I was talking to their very nice guitar tech before the show and he likened them to The Clash or The Specials, which I can definitely hear, but I was surprised at how young these 4 blokes from Liverpool were. Probably early twenties. A good fun sound to them, solid start. Ignore the fact that I heard this song in a commercial, I forget which one. Let’s not let bad TV corrupt good music.

Blow It Out
The Features
I came across this back in the Spring, and it possesses some great lyrics with a nice, simplistic pop sound (complete with backing doo-doo-doos). “If you’re happy and you know it, turn the volume up and blow it out.” Theme song for a music lover such as myself. Try listening to it extremely loud in the car. From 2004′s Exhibit A.

Something To Believe In
So this may be a bit too twangy for some of you but I love the Americana/alt-country sound. These guys are out of Austin and have a nice (but slick) sound to them. They are billed as “roots rockers” and they definitely have a Texas influence. Their live shows are apparently a lot of fun. Thanks to songs:illinois for this band mention.

Plus, their band name sounds like it could be a term of endearment for me, so I am all over that action.

Iko Iko
The Dixie Cups
I remember jammin to this song in the ’80s on the dodgeball court at John Muir Elementary School with my pink walkman, albeit it was the 1989 cover version by The Belle Stars. See, I never knew its storied history (because I was 10) but it is pretty cool. The Dixie Cups are the same gals who sang the Chapel of Love song, but one day in the studio after the other musicians had gone home, the women were doing some overdubbing and started singing “Iko Iko” among themselves, using only a chair, drumstick, Coke bottle, ashtray, and drums as accompaniment. And look what came out! I still have no idea what the words to the song mean, but thanks again to Aurgasm for this original stripped-down version and the historical info.

Toxic Girl
Kings of Convenience
Norwegian indie-pop, light and melodic. Something a little different, although it reminds me of Belle & Sebastian if you like them. Or even if you don’t, you should still check this out. It is from their 2001 album Quiet Is The New Loud, and it fits nicely on my Spring/Summer mix playlists. Any music to remind me of warmer days!

**Update 12/6/05: Sorry, I had accidentally posted a protected version of the song which required a password. I have updated the link now, so you should be able to play it no problem. Sorry!

See, I promised no more Christmas music. I could have, but I didn’t. That’s how much I love you all.

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