November 24, 2005

Born to run & Modest Mouse coverville

So, here is what crazy people get up and do on Thanksgiving morning:

Well, not stand there and smile, actually running would be the answer I was looking for. My first 5K! I think I did decently, although I would not win any land-speed records. I was just aiming to finish and not fall down or have to walk. It was actually fun, lots of nice people out cheering us on, and it made grateful to live in such a fabulously beautiful town. The view of Pikes Peak this morning was just amazing. We do have so much to be thankful for.

I am currently waiting for my first turkey to finish cooking so we can all see how I fared as a gourmet chef.

I laughed the whole time I was preparing the turkey. I don’t think I have ever before followed instructions such as:

  • Press one leg down near leg clamp to release.
  • Remove neck from body cavity.
  • Remove giblet package (giblet package?!) from neck skin area
  • Using your hands, gently separate the skin from the breast at both ends. Smear the meat beneath the skin with the herb butter mix.

It was hilarious. I was talking to this little headless turkey on my counter, “sorry buddy” as I slid my fingers under his skin. Have a Silence of the Lambs holiday, y’all.

Then, while kicking back with a Fat Tire and watching the Broncos game (oh, look what a Coloradan I already am!), I noted CBS’s gratuitious use of “Float On” by Modest Mouse as, like, crowd-pumping music (and commercial break music, and commentator background music, etc.).

It reminded me that I want to share a few Modest Mouse covers that I have come across lately. Seems a lot of people are interested in covering them. Here are the covers and originals for your musical perusal purposes. None of this is really new news, but worth listening to if you haven’t heard them yet, especially if you dig the unique sound and lyrics of Modest Mouse:

Ben Lee, “Float On(and the Modest Mouse original, in case you are not watching football and did not hear it gratuitously, or don’t own a radio).

Sun Kil Moon (Mark Kozelek) released a whole album of Modest Mouse covers, called Tiny Cities, in Kozelek’s breathy languid style. Several of the cuts are unrecognizable to their originals until you get to the chorus. Kozelek takes some growing on you sometimes, but I like these interpretations:

Sun Kil Moon, “Ocean Breathes Salty (and the Modest Mouse original)

Sun Kil Moon, “Dramamine (and the Modest Mouse original)

Have fun muchachos, and eat well (oh, and be thankful, eh?!) .

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